Q.I. Press Controls active for Book Printing Market

Oosterhout/Ahmedabad, maart 2015  - Q.I. Press Controls is active for the book printing market! During Printpack India 2015, the organisation got in serious contact with the people of Pressline, who just introduced a new range of web-offset machines for the production of books: the Bookline Series. Pressline decided to invest in a first installation of the mRC-3D on one of their new book printing presses. When the solution works satisfactorily, Q.I. Press Controls gets the opportunity for more business on other book printing presses of this press manufacturer.

Printpack India 2015 was held at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, India from the 11th to the 15th of February. The exhibition was promoted on a very large scale by organiser IPAMA to attract a maximum number of visitors. The exhibition was well planned and the arrangements were at par with world class. All the present press manufactures had presented themselves in a very large scale by displaying their product portfolio. Q.I. Press Controls had a nicely located and well arranged booth that attracted lots of attention. Mr. Vijay Pandya, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls India, states: “We have received good inquiries from book printers as from small newspaper printers. Automation solutions like ours are in demand.”

Pressline India was located opposite to the booth of Q.I. Press Controls. Q.I. Press Controls was already in touch with the company for a while, talking about automatic registration solutions. At the exhibition, the two companies started talking more serious. Not a long time after the exhibition, Pressline India was convinced by Q.I. Press Controls in investing in the mRC-3D for the Bookline Series.

The order consists of 2 mRC-3D cameras for register control for one web on a press out the Pressline Bookline Series. With this system, Pressline India will achieve a consistent good printing quality and a proper waste reduction during production. Mr. Pandya: “Our long time relation with Pressline India and our good reference installations in the marked lead to the decision in favour of our registration control system mRC-3D.” Pressline expects a continuation of the good relation and a good local support in installing and maintaining the cameras.

With this order, Q.I. Press Controls is strengthening its position in a new market. The installation at Pressline India will establish Q.I. Press Controls in the book printing market for future business. Q.I. Press Controls is positive about the future and wants to keep the good relation with Pressline India. Mr. Pandya concludes: “With this project, we are committed to serve our end user and press manufacturer with our print automation solutions for the web-offset market. We are strengthening our position in a growing book printing market and are looking forward to continue this relationship with Pressline.”

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From left to right: Mr. Vijay Pandya (Managing Director of QIPC India) and Mr. Satish Bajwa (Director of Pressline India)

About Pressline India Ltd.:
Pressline India is a premier web-offset printing machinery manufacturing company that offers state-of-the-art web offset machines, incorporating highest level of engineering for the Newspaper Industry worldwide. Pressline India has successfully completed over 575 installations across the globe.

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