Al-Qasswa new agent for QIPC – EAE in Saudi Arabia

Oosterhout, June 2015  - Al-Qasswa Development Est. has been named as the new agent for Q.I. Press Controls and EAE in Saudi Arabia. This appointment comes as no surprise, since Al-Qasswa continues to build on its successes wherever the printing industry is concerned. Al-Qasswa is a serious player in the Saudi printing world and over the years has acquired experience with several generations of top management. QIPC – EAE has complete confidence in Al-Qasswa.

Erwin van Rossem, Area Sales Manager for Q.I. Press Controls, explains that developments are currently afoot in Saudi Arabia which involve the upgrade of printing presses. Not only will these developments lead to significant improvements in product quality, but considerable savings too. QIPC – EAE needed a local partner to respond to these latest trends. Al-Qasswa’s managing director, Toufic Hachicho, reports that the organisations came into contact with each other via a mutual business partner. After a close assessment of the various candidates, QIPC – EAE decided to add Al-Qasswa to its network of agents. The new partnership was officially announced by QIPC – EAE and Al-Qasswa at Gulf Print & Pack 2015 in Dubai. “Due to the successes achieved over the years by Al-Qasswa, there was really no other choice than to include this agent in our network,” explained Erwin van Rossem.

Toufic Hachicho sees the partnership with QIPC – EAE as a valuable addition to Al-Qasswa’s portfolio. “In my view, QIPC – EAE is a genuine partner with products that are perfectly matched to our own markets,” he explains. “Up to now, we’ve had unstinting support from them in every aspect of the work involved. We expect this support will continue in all matters of collaboration in the future.”

Al-Qasswa believes in the values of QIPC – EAE, which makes the organisation incomparable with some other manufacturers. “QIPC – EAE hold the reliability of the systems which provide our customers with added value in high esteem,” adds Toufic Hachicho. Al-Qasswa will market QIPC – EAE products in Saudi Arabia and sell them as the leading solutions for future success. QIPC – EAE has every confidence that they will succeed in this.

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Toufic Hachicho (Managing Director of Al-Qasswa) & Erwin van Rossem (Area Sales Manager of Q.I. Press Controls) during Gulf Print & Pack 2015

Toufic Hachicho:“In my view, QIPC – EAE is a genuine partner with products that are perfectly matched to our own markets”

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