Beijing Daily China wants Q.I. Press Controls' quality automation on new Goss M800 heatset

Oosterhout, September 2012  - ‘Beijing Daily’ will be the first in China to start printing with Q.I. Press Controls’ closed-loop automated colour control system (IDS) on its new Goss M800 heatset web-offset press! ‘Beijing Daily’ printing company in Beijing is currently aiming its production towards coldset newspaper production. By repositioning strategically, ‘Beijing Daily’ wants to become an important player in the local heatset web-offset market for commercial products. In order to achieve that, a 32-page Goss web-offset press with drying oven and folder was opted for, producing double-sided full colour in folded sheets of 32 pages or twice 16 pages.

Since printing quality is improving throughout China with ISO standardisation as a leading norm, it is important to ‘Beijing Daily’ to be able to excel at the highest quality level with its new Goss web-offset press from the very start. Clear-cut efficiency is another key factor within the policy of ‘Beijing Daily’s production company. The decision in favour of the Goss M800 included Q.I. Press Controls’ complete automation package with mRC+ and IDS, thanks to the high closed-loop level of automation based on micro-marks and detection strips. This makes it possible to achieve the quality and efficiency targets from the word go. Within this strategic decision-making process, Beijing Daily’s project team acted under the supervision of Mr. Jia FuDong, vice-director of ‘Beijing Daily’.

“No surprise to see ‘Beijing Daily’ opting for our closed-loop IDS and mRC+ system”, says Q.I. Press Controls’ Area Sales Director Asia Pacific, Job van Hasselt. “Our reputation in the field of competent automation solutions and adequate service for modern printing companies was the decisive factor at ‘Beijing Daily’.” The M800 is Goss’ ‘bread and butter’ heatset web-offset press for efficient magazine production and one of the web-offset presses with an extensive global installed base. Goss and Q.I. Press Controls have been working together from the time that Q.I. Press Controls’ systems were launched.

Q.I. Press Controls will install two IDS systems for automatic optimisation for perfecting the printing image quality on Beijing Daily’s Goss M800 plus four mRC+ cameras for automatic optimisation of the colour and folding registers. All this also serves to minimise staffing levels on the M800.

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Goss’M800 to be installed at ‘Beijing Daily’ with four printing units

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