Oosterhout, June 2011  - Bold Printing Group, the printing division of Bonnier, an international operating media group in Sweden, has invested in the KBA Commander CT press. This press is destined for their printing facility DN.EX Tryckeriet in Akalla, close to Stockholm. On this highly automated press both colour and cut-off register will be automatically controlled by Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC+ with register marks.

DN.EX Tryckeriet main titles are Sweden’s biggest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter and Sweden’s second largest nation-wide evening newspaper the Expressen. The first has a circulation of about 300.000 copies a day and the latter a current readership (including an online edition) of over 1.5 million. To meet the growing quality demands of the readers, but on the other hand cut in costs, they decided to install a 96page Commander CT, consisting of six reelstands, six double-wide four-high towers and one folder. The press will go into production next year and will replace two other presses.

“The Bold Printing group consists of three print facilities being situated in Malmo, Stockholm and Boras. Together they are one of the largest print groups of Sweden. They have an annual production of about 800 million copies and about 40 different titles. That such large printing company, which have achieved several awards regarding colour quality invest in our products speaks of confidence and trust and for good reason,” says Menno Jansen, Chairman of Q.I. Press Controls. “We sold over 8000 register systems worldwide. Even systems that have been installed many years ago still run to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We constantly focus on new input from the field, whether its new applications, printing inks or higher production speeds; after all technology never stands still. Q.I. Press Controls’ quality control systems always need to deliver top performance, quality is not a compromise!”

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KBA Commander CT press at DN.EX Tryckeriet in Akalla

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