Oosterhout, August 2015 – Centro Stampa Quotidiani, based in Erbusco, Italy, has once again opted to buy a Q.I. Press Controls system. Previously, the organisation placed orders for IRS and IDS on two of its printing lines. This time, IDS-3D is being installed on its presses. The results obtained with previous systems and the company’s positive experience working with Q.I. Press Controls were decisive in clinching the third order.

The collaboration with Centro Stampa Quotidiani (CSQ) dates back to 2005 when the organisation purchased Q.I. Press Controls’ IRS for colour register. Thanks to IRS, CSQ was able to cut back on material use and the system resulted in consistently high levels of quality. Over the years, the relationship between the two companies has intensified and a sense of mutual trust and loyalty is said to exist. Q.I. Press Controls is at the service of CSQ and this goes towards engendering an even greater confidence in the systems.

CSQ’s managing director, Dario de Cian, relates that in 2013, the company was looking for ways to reduce costs. “Our aim was to offer customers a consistency in quality without burdening them with unnecessary additional costs. This meant finding other ways to reduce production costs,” explains Dario de Cian. As far as Dario de Cian was concerned, Q.I. Press Controls’ offer stood head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Q.I. Press Controls was the only supplier able to offer a system capable of regulating the use of ink and water. For CSQ, this provided the key to cost savings. Thanks to IDS, CSQ was able to cut back on the number of operators on the second press line by as much as 50%, at the same time as offering its customers consistent levels of high quality print.


A few weeks ago, the company once again plumped for Q.I. Press Controls. The organisation was looking for an additional system able to operate alongside IRS. Ultimately, they opted for the new IDS-3D. Dario de Cian: “We’re extremely satisfied with the systems and the service of Q.I. Press Controls. We expect to achieve exactly the same results with order number three.” The order consists of 8 IDS-3D cameras for colour register, including RAS. The IDS-3D system is fitted with dampening control and Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS). The system is being installed on a WIFAG OF370GTD with four 4/4 towers and one folder.

According to Dario de Cian, future expectations remain high. “Over the last ten years we have enjoyed a successful collaboration,” he explains. “After just a few days’ training our team was more than competent in using the systems and in the event of any hitches, Q.I. Press Controls provided us with excellent feedback.” In the future, CSQ will be looking at other ways of reducing costs and will be keeping a close track of developments. Concluding, Dario de Cian had this to say: “It’s clear that Q.I. Press Controls continues to carry out research into ways of achieving targets and reducing costs. We’ll be keeping a close eye on things!”

Dario de Cian, General Manager of CSQ

Diario de Cian:“Over the last ten years we have enjoyed a successful collaboration,”

About Centro Stampa Quotidiani SpA:
Centro Stampa Quotidiani, or CSQ, was founded in 2000 and is one of the youngest and largest Italian printing companies using coldset technology, working for a diversity of publishers. Their product range varies from daily newspapers to individual productions, ranging from large to small print runs. Production is around 150 million copies annually, distributed throughout central and northern Italy.

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