Denmark makes acquaintance with Q.I. Press Controls and EAE combination

Oosterhout, April 2015  - It seems that the collaboration between Q.I. Press Controls and EAE is paying dividends. In the space of just over a year following the acquisition of EAE – a period in which the two organisations have continued to develop groundbreaking automation products – the print industry has become increasingly aware that the two companies are operating as a single entity. Joint orders are starting to pour in and Denmark too, is making acquaintance with the QIPC – EAE combination. Having been won over by the commitment shown by both organisations, the Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland printing plant has singled out QIPC – EAE for the upgrade of its presses.

Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland, based in Holbaek, Denmark, forms part of Sjaellandske Media. This local business, with a workforce of around 500, publishes four daily and 34 weekly newspapers, the latter alone which account for a circulation of 785,000. The organisation holds quality and accuracy in high esteem. Because both the current register system and the automation software were ten years old, the printing company decided it was high time to invest in an upgrade.

Despite these ageing systems being the IRS cameras from Q.I. Press Controls and the PrintPP software from EAE respectively, Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland decided to carry out an extensive investigation among several potential suppliers. At the end of the day however, it was QIPC – EAE which came out top of the tree. The organisation’s reasoning was based on the possibilities for a closed-loop control and QIPC – EAE’s commitment to the printing industry, which may well lead to further innovations in the future.

The order consists of a software and hardware upgrade for the EAE PrintPP and the replacement of the IRS system by 4 mRC-3D cameras with AIMS for cut-off control and 8 IDS-3D cameras with AIMS for colour register. The upgrade is intended for a KBA Comet newspaper press with 4 full-colour towers and 1 folder. The IDS-3D cameras have been made suitable for colour control, which means that Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland can invest in this at a later stage.

Trykkeriert Nordvestsjaelland’s order was brought about in part by Q.I. Press Controls’ Area Sales Manager, Ewin van Rossen and the Piculell & Söderqvist agency. The latter has been working with Q.I. Press Controls for many years and is a highly valued partner. The order is a sign that QIPC – EAE is making good headway as a joint operation. Menno Jansen, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls, explains: “We wanted to bring about a situation in which customers no longer make a distinction between the two of us, that is, they think of Q.I. Press Controls when they’re in conversation with someone from EAE, and vice versa.” As far as QIPC – EAE is concerned, the required outcome is that customers purchase complementary products from both organisations when placing new orders.
Van Rossem is keen to put forward the argument for QIPC – EAE’s complementarity: “When, for example, a customer invests in products solely from EAE, they get production reliability. In addition, a combination of both – that is, a combination of automation with the modernisation of hardware – not only leads to improved performance, but also to cost savings in the long run.” The combination of QIPC – EAE stands for efficiency, effectiveness and cost cutting. The order now enables Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland to benefit from the advantages that QIPC – EAE has to offer.

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Fltr: Erwin van Rossem (Q.I. Press Controls’ Area Sales Manager), Niels Grinsted (Print Manager) & Jarl Söderqvist (Piculell & Söderqvist’s Sales Manager)

The combination of QIPC – EAE stands for efficiency, effectiveness and cost cutting.

About Sjaellandse Medier A/S:
Sjaellandse Medier A/S was founded in 1870. As a result of several regional newspapers merging over time, the organisation has expanded to become a media company with thousands of shareholders and a workforce of 500 employees, with offices in 28 towns and cities throughout Denmark. Besides publishing a whole host of newspaper titles, the company is also involved in advertising, radio, television and online services. As the Nordvestsjaelland slogan goes: “When it comes to printing, publishing and distributing newspapers, we can turn our hand to just about anything.” The organisation works to tight deadlines and sees itself as being a professional partner with respect to printed matter in general. Customers get what they want.

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