Diario Vasco makes total upgrade with Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, December 2010  - Once again, Sociedad Vascongada de Producciones, s.l. (Diario Vasco), the second largest newspaper in the Basque Country based in San Sebastián in the North of Spain, has put its trust in Q.I. Press Controls’ technology. This printing house owns one of the largest KBA Comet presses in the country, consisting of 12 x 4-High towers and 2 folders (6 towers in each section). They have made a total upgrade in Section 1, exchanging their IRS solution for the new mRC technology for automatic colour register control.

Originally, Sociedad Vascongada de Producciones bought the Q.I. Press Controls’ automatic register control system in 2002 to be installed on 2 towers. Since then they have expanded the system to the rest of the press. During the recent project, in-dept technical research showed them that mRC+ with registermarks was the best solutions to take a step forward in achieving the best printing quality of to their products, while keeping the paper waste as low as possible. The fact that they very satisfied with the IRS’ performance as well as the local service offered, made them invest in Q.I. Press Controls’ latest technology. The customer was convince by the proven figures and found in Q.I. Press Controls the best partner to achieve their high standards in quality and production for another ten years!

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