Druckerei Vetters set to intensify collaboration with Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, March 2017 - German print concern, Druckerei Vetters GmbH & Co. KG in Radeburg is about to write another chapter in its long-term partnership with Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC). The company is set to revamp two of its four printing presses with QIPC automation systems, one of which is to be expanded, the other upgraded.

Good relationship
Druckerei Vetters has worked with QIPC since 2002 and has been using the IDS system for colour control from as far back as 2006. Currently four of the plant's presses are fitted with systems supplied by QIPC: a manroland POLYMAN, a manroland ROTOMAN, a manroland OCTOMAN and a Zirkon Supra 660. “Over the years we have built up a close relationship with QIPC,” explains Gerd Helwig, operations manager of Druckerei Vetters, “and it's one which we could ill afford to miss.”  

Upgrade and expansion

Without a second thought, it was QIPC that the company turned to when - because of the rising number of orders - its manroland OCTOMAN needed enhanced automation. “QIPC's perforation control makes things a lot easier,” admits Gerd Helwig. The OCTOMAN uses an existing IRS camera for perforation control and is also installed with IDS-3D and mRC-3D cameras for colour and register control. Another of its presses, the Zirkon Supra 660, is being upgraded with new mRC-3D and IDS-3D cameras for colour, register and cut-off control. The four cameras together represent a full retrofit. “First and foremost, the intention on our part was to meet the more stringent quality requirements,” explains Gerd Helwig. “But thanks to QIPC's systems our staff are now able to operate the presses more effectively too.”  

‘Attention to detail valued’
For QIPC, this order only goes to reinforce the excellent collaboration that has been built up over the years with Druckerei Vetters. “The meticulous attention we give to our clients is clearly well appreciated,” emphasises Jaco Bleijenberg, director of international sales & marketing at QIPC. “We're extremely happy with loyal customers, like Druckerei Vetters, who are only too keen to use our latest innovations in their production process.” The German-based company has nothing but praise when it comes to working with QIPC systems. “The systems have always been a big help in reducing the amount of waste on our presses,” declares Gerd Helwig. “What's more we can maintain consistency in quality for the whole of the print run.” On the rare occasion when a problem does occur with the automation, Druckerei Vetters is satisfied with QIPC's troubleshooting capabilities. “Every machine can be temperamental at times,” says Gerd Helwig, “but we have found QIPC's response via telesupport both fast and more than adequate.”  

Partnership works

These two projects go some way towards cementing the solid 14-year-old partnership that already existed between Druckerei Vetters and QIPC. “The future looks bright,” explains Gerd Helwig. “When it comes to new projects, it goes without saying that our first port of call will be QIPC.” That feeling is reciprocated. QIPC’s Jaco Bleijenberg: “This is a partnership that works. Our relationship has taken firm root and we're determined to keep it that way.”

Druckerei Vetters GmbH & Co. KG in Radeburg

Gerd Helwig“Over the years we have built up a close relationship with QIPC”

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