Oosterhout, September 2011  - Following the extensive investment end of 2009 in a full automation solution, Coldset Printing Partners once again placed an order with Q.I. Press Controls. This time their 12-tower KBA Commander located at their printing facility in Paal-Beringen, in the North-East of Belgium, will undergo a complete upgrade. This second full automation solution will consists of 56 mRC+ scanners for colour- and cut-off register, 24 IDS scanners for markless closed loop colour control to ISO 12647-3 standard and IQM for advanced quality reporting and performance indication.

Paul Huybrechts, Chief Executive Officer of Coldset Printing Partners comments: “The existing installation of Q.I. Press Controls’ solution at our print facility in Brussels proved to be successful in many ways. Since there is no operator intervention we are achieving identical output on all our press lines. This means our customers are getting a higher- and even more important – a consistent quality of their newspapers. Secondly, we were able to reduce our wastage, during make-ready, production and ramp down. But most importantly, we will be able to reduce our current manning. All this combined resulted in massive savings for our print facility.” He concludes: “Based on our experiences with the previous installation, we are convinced this second 7-digit investment will bring us profits in less than 3 years.”

“Of course we are very proud of this order because of its size, but more importantly because of the reasons why they again have decided for Q.I. Press Controls,” states Erik van Holten, Chairman of Q.I. Press Controls. “It confirms the rapid payback of our total automation solution, specifically of the markless closed-loop colour control IDS. It proves what we are promising the market: Q.I. Press Controls solutions offer you structural better results.” With over 200 IDS scanners in Newspaper applications worldwide Q.I. Press Controls is clearly the market leader in this segment of markless closed loop colour.

Coldset Printing Partners was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between the print facilities of media group Corelio and Concentra. Today they form the biggest newspaper print group of Belgium. The main titles which are printed at Paal-Beringen are “Gazet van Antwerpen”, “Metro”, “ Het Belang van Limburg” and ‘Het Nieuwsblad’.

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Fltr: Erwin van Rossem (Sales Executive Q.I. Press Controls), Bart Biesmans (Plant Manager, Coldset Printing Partners Paal-Beringen), Paul Huybrechts (Chief Executive Officer), Pascal Coenen (Manager Technische Dienst), Erik van Holten (Chairman Q.I. Press Controls)

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