Grafix NV places trust in QIPC

Oosterhout, May 2016 – Once again, Belgian printing company Grafix NV has chosen to invest in measurement and control systems supplied by Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC). QIPC, the Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry, will be installing an mRC-3D system for colour and cut-off register in the company's printing plant in Dessel (B). This new order represents the next milestone in a longstanding partnership between Grafix NV and QIPC. “We have come to recognise QIPC as a trusted partner”.

Stable register control
The four mRC-3D cameras will be installed on the KBA Compacta 106 with four printing units, which Grafix NV recently acquired from another printing plant. “This older press had already been automated”, explains QIPC managing director Menno Jansen, “but for some reason or other it hadn't proved possible to get it working properly. Thanks to our long-term partnership with Grafix NV, it wasn't long before they came knocking on our door.” Bart Bongaerts, managing director Grafix NV, backs this view up: “The close collaboration we enjoy with QIPC means that we didn't have to think twice about the order. We have come to recognise QIPC as a trusted partner”, Bongaerts adds. “We know what we can expect from QIPC, that means stable register control.”   

The mRC-3D system being installed in Dessel consists of two mRC-3D cameras for cut-off control and two for colour register. “This will enable Grafix NV to improve the quality of their end-product, as well as deliver on savings in waste”, Menno Jansen explains. The cameras will also be equipped with AIMS for the automatic cleaning of the lenses. Bart Bongaerts is sure that the new system will help him sleep more easily: “As always with QIPC, we expect everything to run smoothly using the interface our operators are familiar with.”

Older presses
With the installation of the modern mRC-3D system on a relatively older press, QIPC has once again been able to prove that it can deliver customised work. “QIPC has a lot of experience working with older presses”, says Menno Jansen. “Nowadays, there is a growing tendency not to buy new presses, but instead for clients to upgrade existing presses and keep them running effectively. Relatively speaking, it's the electronics that get outdated before other components, so these have to be regularly upgraded to ensure that presses can run as intended.” QIPC’s experience with older presses becomes clear when Menno Jansen recalls an episode from the past. “QIPC’s second ever order in 1997 was likewise for an old heatset press for Kempenland in Herentals (B), a sister company of Grafix NV. You could say that the modernisation of old presses is in our DNA.”

KBA Compacta 106

Bart Bongaerts“We have come to recognise QIPC as a trusted partner”

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