‘Handsfree’ ISO-certified printing with Q.I. Press Controls (at IFRA Expo 2010 stand 4.350)

, August 2010  - Newspapers now have to compete with glossy magazines and internet. Customers expect newspapers to present high quality, perfect colours, especially retail ‘brand-owners’ that insist on this control in their commercial messages and in addition, all at low costs. Q.I. Press Controls is the only supplier that can equip newspaper offset presses with a complete package of automated quality and contribute in keeping colours as specified and consistent throughout every production run, enabling printers to deliver a constantly perfect level of print quality. Q.I. Press Controls’ IDS closed loop colour control system, is installed on over 60 newspaper towers worldwide, also on hybrid presses.

Digitalized production management determines the effectiveness and quality of the printing in many different ways and is proven to be one of the ways to counter current competition. ‘To compliment fully automated start-up pre-settings and production control, by utilising Q.I. Pres Controls, the colour- and cut-off register and fan-out will be adjusted in nanoseconds. This, in combination with the proven Markless colour density control IDS system and the IQM quality control system, one can say that the goal of ‘hands-free’ controlling the print quality  has been achieved!, states Erik van Holten.

With the accuracy of the IDS’s performance in combination with the IQM reports, many users are now for the first time able to accurately assess the real quality and efficiency performance of their presses. For printers, it is of crucial importance that the IQM reports can show that paper waste, cut-off and print quality remain within the agreed contract margins. But in addition there is more than just paper waste and quality accounting, the number of press operators is under constant pressure, so in either new press or in retrofit situations Q.I. Press Controls’ systems can and have helped in reducing the number of staff, in some cases even halving the head count.

“Time and time again we focus on new input from the field, with new kinds of papers, printing inks developments and higher production speeds. Our research department takes this into consideration in the development, after all technology never stands still. Whether its the accuracy of the colour or cut-off register or the colour itself, the pre-setting’s of our mRC and IDS technology is always state-of-the-art, especially in combination with the IQM MIS system. Our philosophy is that Q.I. Press Controls’ quality control systems always need to deliver top performance, quality is not a compromise!”

Q.I. Press Controls will be present during IFRA Expo 2010 at booth 4.350.

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About Q.I. Press Controls:
Q.I. Press Controls is the global leader in the supply of innovative and high-tech closed loop control equipment for all web offset printing presses. They offer a total solution for the fully automated press control of colour and cut-off register (mRC), closed loop colour control (IDS) and automatic fan-out control (ABD). In addition, they offer the web based production database MIS, the Intelligent Quality Management System (IQM),  which completes Q.I. Press Controls’ innovative portfolio. Each Q.I. Press Controls’ system is designed to generate substantial cuts in printed waste and costs while enhancing and stabilizing the quality of your printing process to the highest level. With proven examples of return on investment times, often less then one year, Q.I. Press Controls helps customers to always stay one step ahead of the competition, with the latest technology.

We are everywhere! With eleven offices worldwide and global agencies, Q.I. Press Controls guarantees a fast personal customer service and support network. For more information: www.qipc.com

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