In The Netherlands BDU orders new generation of depth detection cameras: next customer for mRC-3D!

Oosterhout, August 2012  - In March 2013, Koninklijke BDU-Barneveld Nederland (abbreviated as BDU) takes its new KBA Commander CT into service and wants to be assured of a colour and folding register that offers the highest possible efficiency combined with a perfect performance. Hence the twenty-fold mRC-3D order at Q.I. Press Controls.

BDU’s new Commander CT
BDUs 6/2 Commander CT (83 x173.4 cm) has four 4-high printing towers. This will replace a 4/2 KBA Journal broadsheet press (115.6 x168 cm) dating back to 1998. The experts among us will instantly recognise the substantial change in course in terms of BDU’s newspaper production. Whereas previously they printed on the KBA Journal and the Regioman, the broadsheet format that resulted in the tabloid format by a single fold, in the new Commander CT the tabloid pages are turned a quarter with six ‘standing’ pages of 28.9 x 41.5 cm being printed web-width and two in the cylinder circumference. The tabloid product thus retains the same format, yet the changed orientation of the pages enables production in multiple folded sheets and a 2-page jump. The web is cut in three ribbons and fed into the folder through three formers. BDU’s Commander CT features a KF5 jaw folder with double cut-off, creating both the tabloid format and, when folded once more, the ‘tablet’ format. This results in a maximum of six folded sheets with the back parallel to the grain direction; comparable to some ‘Berliner’ format principles.

Both the Commander CT ‘blanket-to-blanket’ printing principle and the large ribbon number (12 pcs) require an automated control of the colour and folding register on this fast newspaper press with an output of 47,000 copies; web speed nearly 11 metres/sec. BDU is convinced that Q.I. Press Controls’ latest mRC-3D closed-loop register system is the ideal solution for all register functions. The self-cleaning objective protection offered by this new depth detection camera with double sensors proved to be highly attractive to BDU, thanks to the camera-integrated detection/response ability as well as the new functions to be offered by the double sensor system in the future.

Hans Daniëls, BDU’s general director, is enthusiastic about BDU’s principle choice in favour of Q.I. Press Controls’ twenty-fold integrated mRC-3D camera on BDU’s new Commander CT: “I expect a lot of it; a great tool for our printers” words that accompanied the order to Q.I. Press Controls.

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Hans Daniëls: "I expect a lot of it; a great tool for our printers”

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