IntegraColor the first to benefit from Q.I. Press Controls - Perretta partnership

Oosterhout, July 2016 - IntegraColor, an American concern specializing in commercial printing, is the first printing company to take advantage of the new partnership between Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) and Perretta Graphics. Last year, its printing plant - based in Mesquite, Texas - decided to replace lock, stock and barrel its ink, register, cut-off and color control systems and identified the new partnership of QIPC and Perretta as the perfect outfit to carry this out. The press has now been running with the new systems for over six months. “We're delighted Perretta introduced us to QIPC”, was the verdict of IntegraColor.

Full integration
As managing director of QIPC-EAE Americas, Ronald Reedijk was closely involved with the IntegraColor order. “IntegraColor wanted to replace the ink system and with this in mind contacted Perretta. Since this was quite a complicated operation, it was decided to replace the register, cut-off and color control systems at the same time. Given our collaboration with Perretta, it was an attractive proposition to have the whole operation arranged through one and the same party.” In fact, it was a major boon to IntegraColor that the suppliers of two key components for the press were now working closely in tandem. “Our system is fully integrated with Perretta's software”, Ronald Reedijk underlines.  

At Perretta too, they were quick to see the opportunities of the new partnership. “We're exceptionally enthusiastic”, explains Stephen Perretta, vice-president at Perretta. “The synergy of our sales, engineering and production departments has enabled us to link QIPC's state-of-the-art closed-loop color-control system to our own successful segmented ink fountains. It opens up new markets for both companies.” IntegraColor is the first to benefit from the partnership “I think this project has proved such a big success because of the seamless integration of our products and the perfect cooperation between the two companies.”  


After just six months, the conclusion is that the first project has proved a great success. QIPC installed a new mRC-3D system for color-register and cut-off control and an IDS-3D system for closed-loop color control, whilst Perretta was responsible for fitting their ink fountains and presetting system. IntegraColor is extremely satisfied with its new acquisitions. “We're extremely happy”, explains Bob Richard, director of print operations at IntegraColor. “We're very grateful for Perretta's introducing us to QIPC. The QIPC interface with Perretta is seamless and is easy to operate for our staff. Perretta’s new ink fountains and operating console do everything they promised us they would do.”  

The investment has already delivered rich pickings for IntegraColor. “Efficiency on the work floor has increased significantly, since our operators no longer have to spend time on the color-register, cut-off and color functions”, Bob Richard adds. “To give you a concrete example: we've managed to raise profit levels on a large multi-million dollar account by no less than 9 percent.”  

Looking towards the future

The success of the Mesquite project has set both QIPC and Perretta in a positive frame of mind regarding the future. “Our first collaboration has proved a great success”, Stephen Perretta muses. “We're very much looking forward to partnering QIPC on many more new successful projects in the future.” Ronald Reedijk concludes: “This was the first system with color control on a US-based heatset press and certainly won't be the last.”

mRC-3D camera installed on the Mitsubishi Diamond press at IntegraColor in Mesquite, United States of America

Stephen Perretta “I think this project has proved such a big success because of the seamless integration of our products and the perfect cooperation between the two companies.”

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