Loyal customer responsible for printing secure documents and packaging once again opts for Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, January 2015  - Printing specialist Lijnco, based in Groningen, the Netherlands – one of Q.I. Press Controls oldest customers – is to invest in mRC-3D. In so doing, Lijnco is placing its seventh order and proves once again its value as a loyal and satisfied customer.

As a communications provider, Lijnco uses a diversity of communication channels. For physical forms of communication, Lijnco produces high-quality printed matter for an extensive array of clients. Additionally, the company also produces stickers, labels, security documents, logistics documents, tickets and all sorts of other printed matter geared to the needs of its customers. According to Anne Werkman, project manager at Lijnco, in order to maintain levels of profitability in printed matter in the future, it’s essential to invest in process control: “Effective register control helps reduce set-up times and use of set-up material. What’s more, the quality of the register is much better. These are aspects, which – from a financial and environmental point of view – are major improvements. Our previous experience with Q.I. Press Controls and the price-quality ratio of their solutions means that we have once again opted to acquire a Q.I. Press Controls system.”

The mRC-3D will replace the existing IRS which has had a proven track record over the last 16 years. The upgrade consists of an automatic colour register, including front to back and perforation register. The cameras are positioned on a Müller Martini narrow-web offset-rotation press consisting of nine printing units.

With the upgrade to the mRC-3D, Lijnco expects that the quality of its products will continue to meet standards of high quality. In fact, with the addition of the automatic perforation register, it will more than exceed them. “It’s a win-win situation,” explains Werkman. “We expect improved performance in terms of efficiency and reduced consumption of materials. Another side-effect of having a reliable system in place will be the increased confidence in the printing presses on the part of operators.”

With this order, Menno Jansen, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls, aims to show that Q.I. Press Controls’ solutions are suitable for any kind of printing press. “In the past we may have had a name in the coldset and heatset business, but with clients such as Lijnco we are able to show that our systems can also be used on narrow-web presses. The fact that Lijnco has once again plumped for our solution is a reflection of this evident satisfaction.” With the mRC-3D, Lijnco will remain one of the leading players on the market. “When it comes to giving support to modern printing companies such as Lijnco,” Werkman adds, “the people at Q.I. Press Controls know what it’s all about. Offset will remain part of our work where we can be of assistance to clients. The effective solutions and service that Q.I. Press Controls offer, helps us retain a competitive position in the marketplace.”

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From left to right: Tjeerd Visser, Manager Operations Lijnco, Anne Postmus, Printer at Lijnco and Anne Werkman, Manager Production at Lijnco.

Anne Werkman: “It’s a win-win situation”

About Lijnco, communications provider:
Lijnco is a modern company that provides high-quality communication output in both digital and physical formats. The choice for digital or physical depends on the application and the target group. The ability to analyse client data and to translate this into appropriate forms of output spearheads this approach. Lijnco has a large client portfolio that includes government departments, as well as other major names on the Dutch market, such as Albert Heijn, ABN Amro and Brand Loyalty. In addition to producing high-quality printed matter, Lijnco also provides reliable cost-saving solutions when it comes to all print-related processes. In this way Lijnco makes it easier for customers to manage and control these processes.

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