Loyal heatset customer decides on upgrade to new IDS-3D after confidence shown in previous solutions developed by Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, February 2015  - Printing company Grafischer Betrieb Henke, based in Brühl, Germany has decided to invest in the new system from Q.I. Press Controls. The investment entails replacing its current IRS 40S colour register system with the mRC-3D and expanding this with the print image-based colour-control system, IDS-3D on its Goss M600 printing press.

Grafischer Betrieb Henke is a long-standing customer of Q.I. Press Controls. In 2001, Henke was the first heatset customer to opt for the IRS colour register and cut-off for its Heidelberg M600 press, a system that is still proving its worth today. In 2006, the business plumped for the IRS 40S solution for its new Goss M600. This system too still performs to the customer’s satisfaction. Robert Onodi, Technical Manager at Grafischer Betrieb Henke, had this to say about the system: “We’ve been working for years with systems from Q.I. Press and they are just perfect for what we need.”

The motto of Grafischer Betrieb Henke consists of three words: good, affordable and quick. This means that the company is constantly looking to optimise its product quality, so that the costs for customers are minimised and the printing process can take place as efficiently as possible. One consequence of this has been that the organisation has been keeping a close eye on developments at Q.I. Press Controls and now wishes to invest in the new mRC-3D and IDS-3D, despite the fact that the current systems are still perfectly adequate in the client’s view. “In my opinion, Q.I. Press Controls is an extremely innovative organisation whose product developments are based on the needs of its customers,” explains Onodi.

In February 2015, Q.I. Press Controls upgraded the Goss M600 by replacing the current IRS 40S with the mRC-3D system for colour register and cut-off. In addition, Q.I. Press Controls added to the solution with the automatic colour control for the IDS-3D. Grafischer Betrieb Henke anticipates that the effects of this will be threefold: not only will the quality of its products remain good, they will also improve in the future; consumption of ink and paper will be reduced; and the start-up process will be quicker. In doing so, the company is remaining true to its motto. “This system enables us to produce really small-scale print runs with the minimum use of materials,” explains Onodi.

Onodi is positive about future collaboration with Q.I. Press Controls: “I’m expecting a harmonious relationship, particularly in the forthcoming installation phase and anticipate that the helpful and flexible service will continue.” Jaco Bleijenberg, International Director of Sales & Marketing at Q.I. Press Controls, is extremely happy with the order from Grafischer Betrieb Henke: “The upgrade from such loyal customers as Grafischer Betrieb Henke demonstrates that our clients believe in our product and concept. This encourages us to keep innovating and investing in the future so that we can continue bringing novel solutions to the marketplace.”

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Panorama of the printing site

Robert Onodi: “We’ve been working for years with systems from Q.I. Press and they are just perfect for what we need.”

About Grafischer Betrieb Henke GmbH:
At Grafischer Betrieb Henke GmbH the needs of the customer take centre stage. The organisation hopes to meet these needs by keeping true to its motto: good, affordable and quick. The company prints magazines, brochures, catalogues and leaflets, with print runs starting from as low as 10,000, thus providing attractive options for smaller businesses.

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