Oosterhout, April 2014  - Vprint, the direct mail industry’s largest family-owned company in Europe, has signed for the upgrade of their three Goss M600 heatset presses with Q.I. Press Controls’ total automation solution: mRC-3D, IDS and IQM.

The Belgium printer, located in Mouscron near the French border, is an established name for more than 60 years in the European market of promotional materials for personalised direct mailing. Their three Goss M600 presses will be fitted with 6 mRC-3D camera’s for colour register control including motorized bars, front to back control and anti-embossing and 6 IDS camera’s for controlling colour including print defect detection. IQM will deliver them quality and performance reporting.

“About three years ago we opted for an offline solution,” explains Thierry Ngoma, Production Manager at Vprint. “At that time this seemed to be a good investment, however the quality demands have increased over the past years. As our three Goss M600 presses print from roll to roll and thus samples cannot be taken while printing, it requires more waste before having a good quality copy. Colour stability was also an issue to look into. We came to the conclusion that in order to meet our high performance and quality according ISO -12647/2 standards, press automation would be a necessity.”

Initially Vprint was looking for colour control on one press, but after analysing the total saving potential they were convinced by the additional benefits of renewing the register system and having quality and performance reporting as well; and for all three presses! Van Daele: “IDS colour control will offer us high colour stability at minimum waste. Customers can truly rely on the receipt of high quality products as IDS has print failure detection that in the end will avoid bad copies to be distributed to customers. This will surely contribute to an even more positive customer satisfaction rate.”

He continues: “One of our demands was to have a solution that would be employable for all productions as in some of our productions there is no space for colour bars. Q.I. Press Controls’ IDS has a markless mode in which it reads from the image. This fits our needs perfectly. These operational/financial winnings together with the savings on maintenance by installing the AIMS (Automatic Ink Mist Shield) of the mRC-3D camera will certainly generate quick savings.”

Erwin van Rossem, Area Sales Manager at Q.I. Press Controls and responsible for the Belgium market: “It is great to have such a commercial printer as V-Print in our clientele and it’s the first mRC-3D installation in Belgium. We are honoured to be selected to support them in achieving their quality and performance goals.”

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Thierry Ngoma (Production Manager at Vprint), Roby van Daele (Owner and Director at Vprint) and Erwin van Rossem (Area Sales Manager at Q.I. Press Controls)

Roby van Daele:“IDS colour control will offer us high colour stability at minimum waste"

About Vprint
Vprint is family owned, its shareholders are the brothers Edward and Roby Van Daele. Under the leadership of Roby Van Daele the company has grown enormously especially in the last 10 years. Vprint has a policy of continuous investment in order to stay ahead of the latest developments in its market. Which has resulted in Vprint currently being the industry’s largest family-owned business in Europe. The number of employees has doubled in the past 10 years and the productivity has tripled. Vprint is leading in the field of personalized mail-order documents with a daily production of 3 million mailings.

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