Mediaprint chooses Q.I. Press Controls as partner in its pursuit of process automation

Oosterhout, March 2015  - Vienna-based Mediaprint is the first to place an order for Q.I. Press Controls systems in 2015. The order consists of IDS-3D, mRC-3D and IQM for its division in Vienna, Austria. The order is the first in a series of four. Ultimately, the intention is to install Q.I. Press Controls systems in each of Mediaprint’s three divisions. In so doing, Mediaprint is not only investing in quality, but also in a product-development partnership with Q.I. Press Controls.

Mediaprint is the largest coldset print company in Austria and is known for its national newspapers Kronen Zeitung and Kurier. The first order consists of the IDS-3D for the combined function of colour control and colour registration, the mRC-3D for cut-off and sidelay control, and the IQM quality management system. The system will be installed on three KBA Commander full-colour towers in Vienna. The order represents the first phase of the project and ultimately all divisions of the company will be fitted with the system. As soon as the system is working satisfactorily, it will be installed on the remaining 21 full-colour towers in the Vienna plant. This will be followed by the nine towers in St Andrä and the six in Salzburg, amounting to total order volume of 78 IDS-3D cameras and 117 mRC-3D cameras.

Thomas Hofinger, Manager of Mediaprint’s print centre, explains the choice for Q.I. Press Controls: “If we look at technology and dampening control, we believe Q.I. Press Controls currently offers the most advanced system and the best vision when it comes to other requirements for printing plants, especially when we take future challenges into consideration.” This phased investment programme means that Mediaprint will be establishing a partnership with Q.I. Press Controls. Both parties are keen to automate the printing process as much as possible. Mr. Hofinger explains that it’s important for Mediaprint’s print production to have a high degree of automation in the future, adding: “Our goal is not only to reduce production costs, but to achieve greater flexibilities in handling the increasing number of smaller circulation jobs and to meet the high standards of quality and colour accuracy.”

So far, everyone is delighted with the collaboration. Both organisations are on the same wavelength and are working towards the same goals. “Business-wise, we speak the same language,” Mr. Hofinger explains, “so that’s why we chose Q.I. Press Controls as a partner. When it comes to print innovation, our ideas overlap. We have a good understanding with each other and as a partner, they recognise our need to evolve.” Arslan Miftachoglu, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls Germany, adds that the collaboration has a stimulating effect on the company: “This decision, taken by an organisation with such a global reputation as Mediaprint, demonstrates that the printing industry is showing confidence in our products, concepts and solutions. This spurs us on to further innovation so that we can market other new and exciting solutions in the future.”

Q.I. Press Controls is delighted with the Mediaprint order. Managing director Menno Jansen states: “This order not only confirms that our systems are compatible with major printing plants worldwide. The partnership with Mediaprint also ensures that our products will continue to evolve so that we will be able to offer top quality products in the future as well.”

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Thomas Hofinger, Manager of Mediaprint’s print centre

Thomas Hofinger: "Q.I. Press Controls currently offers the most advanced system and the best vision "

About Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag Gesellschaft m.b.H & Co. KG:
Mediaprint is the largest coldset print company in Austria. With its three printing plants in Vienna, Salzburg and St Andrä, Mediaprint is responsible for 900 million individual copies per year. The company produces a vast array of titles for the Austrian market, including the newspapers Kronen Zeitung and Kurier. The organisation has an annual turnover of 500 million euros and, as such, is the second largest media concern in Austria.

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