Oosterhout, September 2011  - Q.I. Press Controls is proud to announce the receipt of the largest order ever on native soil. Persgroep Printing Amsterdam has ordered Q.I. Press Controls’ total automation solution for retrofitting their manroland COLORMAN. The press will be fully automated by mRC+ (with micro register marks), Intelligent Density System (closed-loop markless colour control) and Intelligent Quality Management (IQM).

A total of 48 dedicated motorized mRC+ scanners will monitor and control colour, cut-off and sidelay registration on their manroland COLORMAN press which consists of 12 full colour, 10 cylinder satellite units with 4 folders. 24 IDS scanners will control colours in closed-loop according to ISO-12647/3 standard. Finally after the production is completed, the management information system IQM will report on production efficiency and quality, all relating to the ISO-12647/3 standard.

Since 2009 De Persgroep Printing Amsterdam is owned by a Belgium publisher De Persgroep. Their core business is “Media”, besides newspapers they own several Radio and TV stations. De Persgroep Amsterdam publishes several nationwide newspapers, for example the second largest newspaper of the Netherlands ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ and the third largest ‘Volkskrant’. Besides these mayor titles Amsterdam’s largest local newspaper ‘Het Parool’ is part of their portfolio.

“In November 2010, shortly after the take-over by De Persgroep, we started an internal research for solutions how to improve our production quality”, states Ruud de Klerk, Director Persgroep Printing. He continues: “Our needs were clear: first of all the quality of the printed matter should be according ISO-12647/3 standard. We believe in standardization and our customers are demanding it. Also wastage should be reduced to a minimum and we wanted to reduce manual intervention. To cover all this we were looking for a reliable partner, thus who could offer proven technology. We believe we have found a partner that covers all our wishes and demands in Q.I. Press Controls. It’s a professional company, their core business is press automation and they have gathered so much know-how that they have convinced us to be the specialist in this line of work”.

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fltr: Jacco de Vries (Director Rotagraphic and Q.I. Press Controls’ agent), Erwin van Rossem (Sales Executive Q.I. Press Controls), Ruud de Klerk (Director Persgroep Printing) and Lex Poppegaai (Production Manager Persgroep Printing)

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