Oosterhout, May 2011  - Press Controls is pleased to announce the order with Le Progrès, in Lyon (Chassieu) France. Their two existing Goss Mainstream presses will be equipped with 28 mRC+ scanners in total for controlling cut-off and sidelay register. Le Progrès is a local newspaper in the Rhône Alpes region of France. Both print shop and publishing house are owned by Groupe EBRA, which is specialized in local newspapers in the East of France with 9 printing facilities in total.

The EBRA Group has a daily circulation of 1.1 million copies in total. “Le Progrès” is one of their main newspapers. The reason for investing in a cut-off and sidelay control system is that they are changing its format from broadsheet into tabloid. Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC+ will enable them to reduce wastage to a minimum and to increase quality consistency.

Erwin van Rossem, Sales Executive of Q.I. Press Controls and amongst others responsible for the French market, states: ‘We joined forces with our agent Techniweb and it proved successful. Techniweb made the first contact and they played an important role in the coming about of the final order. This project will be a big help in convincing the French market, as we have done worldwide, that Q.I. Press Controls is the right partner when it comes to automated press solutions!”

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Pierre Borot, Director of International Sales of Techniweb SAS and Q.I. Press Controls’ agent for France

Erwin van Rossem: "We joined forces with our agent Techniweb and it proved successful"

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