Q.I. Press Controls captures Indian order

Oosterhout, March 2016 – Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) has not only built up a reputation in the Netherlands and Europe, but also far beyond: the printing industry the world over has been discovering the benefits of equipping its presses with measurement and control systems produced by the Oosterhout-based company. Uttarbanga Sambad in India is yet another in a long series of businesses that have been placing orders with QIPC. It is through Naph Graphics - supplier of the new press – that Uttarbanga Sambad is investing in the mRC-3D system for colour register.

The mRC-3D system is to be installed on a brand new newspaper press with four towers and two folders in its plant in Siliguri in the north-east of India. The order will involve a total of 8 mRC-3D cameras. Naph Graphics is responsible for the project coordination. Uttarbanga Sambad’s production manager, Shekhar Karande explains what the most import reasons were for investing in the mRC-3D. “Our aim was to make time savings in the colour register. We also want to print more accurately as well as minimise the amount of waste.” The mRC-3D is a fully automated colour register system for rotary offset printing presses. In this particular case, eight digital cameras with built-in microprocessors will be responsible for real-time data processing of the measurement data. The mRC-3D system in India comes with the Automatic Ink Mist Shield (AIMS) which cleans the lenses automatically.

Uttarbanga Sambad is a regional broadsheet that has been in existence since 1980. With a market share of 80 percent, it is the biggest newspaper in the state of West Bengal. In addition to Siliguri, the paper also has printing plants in Cooch Behar and Malda.

Shekhar Karande is happy with the company’s investment in QIPC’s system. “As a result of this, we expect to make considerable savings in terms of time and money”, he reports. “What’s more, we hope to improve the print quality.” The excellent reputation that QIPC enjoys in the print trade has contributed to these heightened expectations on the part of Shekhar Karande and Uttarbanga Sambad with respect mRC-3D.

mRC-3D Colour register on the press

Shekhar Karande “Our aim was to make time savings in the colour register. We also want to print more accurately as well as minimise the amount of waste.”

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