Q.I. Press Controls convinces Mayr Miesbach GmbH of benefits mRC-3D and IDS-3D

Oosterhout, March 2015  - Mayr Miesbach has plumped for a Q.I. Press Controls’ system after purchasing a KBA heatset printing press. Mayr Miesbach was, after some persuasive talking, won over by the advantages of the mRC-3D and the new IDS-3D. These new systems from Q.I. Press Controls enable Mayr Miesbach to guarantee high standards of quality and reduce waste. “From a technological point of view, these systems are helping us to forge ahead. We are now able to use of state-of-the-art technology,” according to Erwin Erler, print manager at Mayr Miesbach GmbH.

Mayr Miesbach Druckerei und Verlag is a printing and publishing business based in Miesbach, Germany and sees its role as guiding the client through all stages of the printing process. Whether this has to do with design and lay-out or the printing process itself, the company provides a customised service at each step. Quality and the environment represent important priorities: Mayr Miesbach aims to provide the very best in quality without making any concessions to the environment. The organisation is in possession of various labels, certificates and accreditations which underline its commitment to sustainability and to meeting strict quality requirements. According to the Environment certificate for climate initiatives, Mayr Miesbach’s production processes are carbon-neutral, it has the EU Ecolabel for sustainability and the EINSER – AZUBI accreditation for the training of its personnel, just to mention a few.

When he purchased the KBA C217 press, Mayr Miesbach had among others the environment and quality in focus. The organisation fell into conversation with Arslan Miftachoglu, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls Germany, about an automated system for the printing press. Miftachoglu was able to convince Erler that the new technologies of Q.I. Press Controls would provide Mayr Miesbach with additional benefits. “Taking into account the environment and general quality, opting for the mRC-3D and the IDS-3D was the most logical decision to make,” explains Miftachoglu. “In Mayr Miesbach’s case these systems will ensure a uniform standard of high quality and a marked reduction in waste and ink consumption.”

The order placed with Q.I. Press Controls is for a fully automated solution consisting of 2 mRC-3D colour register cameras with AIMS and anti-embossing, 3 mRC-3D cut-off register cameras with AIMS, sidelay and remote control and 2 IDS-3D colour control cameras with RAS. The system will be installed on the aforementioned KBA C217 commercial printing press with 5 printing units and 1 folder. Erler adds: “This gives us an improved start-up period, lower production costs, more effective and exacter quality control and a faster cut-off control.” In this way, he believes, the system is able create an easy-to-use, reliable and low-maintenance printing press for Mayr Miesbach.

Miftachoglu goes on to explain that the order is also down to a good working partnership with KBA. It was thanks to them that he found out that Mayr Miesbach was looking to purchase the press. Mayr Miesbach expects that the planning for the start-up period will be smooth and professional. “Even after the start-up period,” he elaborates, “we want a our electricians to undergo a thorough introduction to the sytems and for our operators to get proper training. We expect that Q.I. Press Controls will be able to step in at a moment’s notice if there are any sudden problems, remotely or otherwise.” Miftachoglu expects a fruitful partnership with the company: “We will continue to offer an excellent service and I hope that customers like Mayr Miesbach in Germany will also be able to show that automatic solutions from Q.I. Press Controls can suit any kind of organisation.”

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On the left, Klaus Wörndl, print manager and deputy managing director and on the right Erwin Erler, managing director and representative of Mayr Miesbach GmbH

About Mayr Miesbach Druckerei & Verlag GmbH:
Mayr Miesbach Druckerei & Verlag was founded in 1876 by Georg Mayr and over the years the company has expanded from being a medium-sized business with a bookshop, bindery and printshop into a robust enterprise that guides its customers at every step of the media and printing process. After having been in the hands of the Mayr family for 130 years, in 2007 the organisation was taken over by Dieter Bergemann, who – together with managing directors Ulrich Herzog and Siegfried Kaspar – runs the business today. Mayr Miesbach offers its clients a customised service at every stage of the printing process with a guarantee of quality and sustainability.

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