Q.I. Press Controls delivers automation systems for Axel Springer Druckhaus Spandau

Oosterhout, August 2016 – Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) is once again delivering automation systems for Axel Springer Druckhaus Spandau. Last year, this leading German printing house installed an extensive package of QIPC automation solutions on its presses and has decided to place yet another sizable order in 2016.

Subsequent order
Following the recent successful installation and integration of 26 IDS-3D cameras for colour register and density control and five mRC-3D cameras, Axel Springer is about to embark on a new and larger automation project on its press. “When the last project was being implemented, it wasn’t entirely clear what the need for future capacity levels would be”, Jaco Bleijenberg, Director of International Sales & Marketing at QIPC says, explaining why the Berlin-Spandau-based printing plant has placed this major order so soon after the first installation. “QIPC gave an excellent account of itself with professional implementation, effective communication and reliable technical components”. These were the words of the Head of process and quality management of the Axel Springer printing plants, Stefan Fricke, highlighting just some of the reasons why the company plumped for QIPC again.  

The new order consists of 22 IDS-3D cameras with colour control and colour register. What’s more, the cameras will be fitted with the Automatic Ink Mist Shield (AIMS) for automatic cleaning of the lens, ink ductor control, fault detection, dampening control and front-to-back register control. Jaco Bleijenberg: “All this will ensure that Axel Springer will be able to raise the quality of its end-product as well as make savings in costs.” Everything will be installed on the same manroland COLORMAN as for the previous automation project, this time on the remaining eleven towers and four sections. “The IDS-3D will mean better print quality and that technical and quality documentation will be automated”, adds Michael Schandelmaier, Druckhaus Spandau’s print production engineer.   

"We firmly believe that the IDS-3D will lead to significant quality improvements”, reports Stefan Fricke. “The QIPC systems give us a remarkable amount of scope for future developments in automation, preventive maintenance and quality.”

Axel Springer Druckhaus Spandau manroland COLORMAN press on which the IDS-3D is installed.

Stefan Fricke“The QIPC systems give us a remarkable amount of scope for future developments in automation, preventive maintenance and quality.”

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