Q.I. Press Controls equipped all Goss M600 Folia presses

, December 2010  - Imprimérie Dridé is one of the first to order the Goss Folia M600 press, which was launched at Drupa 2008. Till now Q.I. Press Controls has equipped all Goss Folia presslines with its latest automation technology partly because of the strong relationship with Goss.

For its HQ-quadrichromie printing Goss Folia basically consists of four M600 blanket-to-blanket weboffset printing units, combined with a Vits Rotocut sheeter-delivery and a Goss-Contiweb reel-splicer for paper-infeed. The Folia prints a web of about two A4-pages wide and two A4’s around the plate-cylinders and is optimised for 30.000 perfected sheets per hour.

HQ printing means high quality offset printing, expected by Imprimérie Dridé’s customers from this perfecting Folia. In combination with the infra-red dryer, the printed sheets are cut and delivered straight flat and glossy, without the paper slightly undulating as with heatset, but still wet. Natural drying ink and probably a little anti-blocking powder makes the Folia a real sheetfed competitor.

The Folia needs assured print- and cut-off register because its stacks of printed sheets will be post-finished directly on various equipment, in-house or outsourced. So none of the HQ-printed sheets must have any defect, neither in colour-quality nor in colour register. That demand directed Imprimérie Dridé to order Q.I. Press Controls’ IDS automated print-colour tuning on its Goss Folia. IDS’ rapid presetting and continuous quality maintenance within a narrow colour-quality bandwidth, combined with mRC+ immediate tightly adjusting colour register, assures Imprimérie Dridé’s the lowest waste on its sheetfed competitive Goss Folia.

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The Goss Folia at Imprimérie Dridé in Neuilly sur Marne (Fr)

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