Oosterhout, April 2013  - Q.I. Press Controls, the leading supplier of innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems appoints a new Managing Director for its office in North America who will be acting as area sales director for the Americas as well.

The retirement of the acting managing director, Gerald Ferron, of the Q.I. press controls office in North America made it necessary to appoint a replacing officer. Apart from that, the increasing number of users of Q.I. Press Controls’ automated solutions for increasing efficiency of printing quality on web-offset presses in North, Central and South America rise to the need for an extra sales support for our offices located in Campinas in Brazil and North Kingstown in North America. They have found it in the experienced Ronald Reedijk.

Ronald Reedijk has an extensive experience in sales and marketing. Already from the beginning of his career, commercial- and general management predominates, also defined by his ambition and competences. He acquired a lot of experience in as well the Business-to-Business service industry as technical products in a national- and international environment.
Before joining Q.I. Press Controls, Ronald spent more then 15 years acting as a senior consultant and trainer specialized in sales and sales management. He previously worked for major oil companies in various sales management positions.

Ronald acted as the sales trainer for Q.I. Press Controls worldwide since 2011. The partnership ended in a “fit” and Ronald started working for Q.I. Press Controls as a full-time sales coach for Q.I. Press Controls as of March 2012, with special attention for the Americas. Ronald and his family will be living in North Kingstown, Rhode Island N.A. From the American office, Ronald will be managing the North American market as well will he be travelling to Q.I. Press Controls’ market areas, with offices and agencies in Central and South America.

Ronald’s has an extensive experience of consultative sales and he has been and still is developing a lot of knowledge about offset printing, offset standardization and the economics considering web-offset printing. Using his management and sales skills, his still growing knowledge of the graphical market and technics he will be able to support Q.I. Press Controls’ product portfolio at a high level. Ronald considers it as a big challenge to help out graphic entrepreneurs and turning their investments into a success.

In his own words: “I am enjoying working for Q.I. Press Controls for a year now and I am looking forward to contribute to the growth of our company and optimize the market acceptance of our systems in the Americas. This is a period of change for the printing industry facing the new media and dealing with difficult economic situations. I am convinced that the Q.I. Press Controls’ automated quality systems can support the offset production workflow and help to maximize efficiency at crucial time. It is a good challenge and I am surrounded by good colleagues”.

Ronald Reedijk has gained a lot of new knowledge about the products in Q.I. Press Controls’ development center in Oosterhout. On top of that, he visited customers in the Americas and prominent reference sites. Ronald is ready for it.

Q.I. Press Controls’ management: “We are very pleased with Ronald Reedijks’ appointment; we consider him the ideal candidate for the job”.

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Ronald Reedijk, new managing director of Q.I. Press Controls North America

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