Q.I. Press Controls receives several orders from Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. De Jong

Oosterhout, May 2016 - Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), the Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry, already had an active presence on several continents worldwide. From India to Colombia and from Egypt to the United States, printing companies all over the world have been taking advantage of the innovative solutions offered by the Oosterhout-based company. However, QIPC has now acquired a key client just 31 km down the road from its head office: Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. De Jong. The company’s printing plant in ‘neighbouring’ Baarle-Nassau has recently had one of its eight presses installed with QIPC’s fully automated press control system. Drukkerij Em. De Jong is also fitting out one of its other printing presses with the colour register and fan-out control system using QIPC’s mRC-3D system.

Full reconditioning of KBA Compacta 217
Drukkerij Em. De Jong and QIPC have maintained informal contacts over a longer period, but until now the plant has never had a QIPC system in use. Now all this has changed. First of all, Drukkerij Em. De Jong is having its KBA Compacta 217 press fitted with an mRC-3D system for colour, cut-off and sidelay register control and an IDS-3D system for closed-loop colour control. “Originally, the company only wanted to replace the cut-off control system as that was no longer working reliably”, explains Erwin van Rossem, Head of Sales at QIPC. “But after several talks, it was decided to upgrade all the systems. It won’t be long before they’ll be discovering they really did make the right choice!”  

The six mRC-3D and two IDS-3D cameras will provide the company with much greater reliability in terms of quality and bring about huge savings in waste. The improved reliability will mean fewer headaches for operators as the old system had become unstable.


Drukkerij Em. De Jong has also decided to fit its KBA C56/SG with the mRC-3D system for colour register and fan-out control. “The current manual fan-out control system only works statically”, says Erwin van Rossem. “What they were looking for was a fully automated, dynamic fan-out control for during production which eliminated the need for manual control and even the changing of plates to compensate for fan-out in pre-press”.  

Important heatset player

QIPC is extremely proud to clinch the double order from Drukkerij Em. De Jong. “The company is a major heatset player on the European market”, Erwin van Rossem is quick to emphasise. “They are considered to be a key reference for us. That’s extremely useful when you consider how close they are to our head office: this means we can now show our working systems to potential clients at first hand.”  

First findings

The system was installed at the beginning of the year and has already been earning its spurs, both on the KBA C56 and the Compacta 217. Roel de Weerd, Technical Director at Drukkerij Em. De Jong, is full of praise for its ease of use. “An important argument for keeping the faith with existing suppliers is standardisation. For printing companies such as ours, where there are 8 printing presses in operation, our primary aim is to maximise functionality so that we can deploy operators as flexibly as possible. In fact QIPC’s operating platform (GOS) is so easy to use that our operators have been able to use it effortlessly since day one.”

Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. De Jong, Baarle-Nassau (NL)

Roel de Weerd"QIPC’s operating platform is so easy to use that our operators have been able to use it effortlessly since day one.”

About Q.I. Press Controls:
Q.I. Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems. We are globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry. Our total solutions are supported by a worldwide service network. These reliable systems are proven in the market of existing and new printing presses and offer our customers structural better results.  

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