Oosterhout, March 2011  - CONALITEG (National Commission of Text Books Gratuitous), an organisation in Mexico that prints and supplies free educational text books, has purchased a brand new Goss M-500 including Q.I. Press Controls’ automation systems. The order is for mRC+ including register marks to automatically control colour and cut-off register.

The production plant is currently situated in Querétaro, a strategically chosen location because of its suitable climate for the conservation of paper, infrastructure and the presence of an excellent graphic arts school. CONALITEG intends to increase the printing capacity of this plant as they print about 180 million books every year. The decision in favour of Q.I. Press Controls was based on performance and reliability of the mRC+ system combined with local service and support in Mexico. The good relationship in between Goss and Q.I. Press Controls gave CONALITEG the thrust that this project will satisfy their expectations.

With this order Q.I. Press Controls reinforces its position in Latin America. “This market is ready to invest in high technological products that structurally offer better results. Earlier installations proof that with Q.I. Press Controls’ solutions the overall costs can be reduces considerably. The presence of Spanish speaking engineers and thus good communication will also contribute getting the best possible out of the collaboration,” states Raúl Barredo, Managing Director Q.I. Press Controls Ibérica.

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