QIPC-EAE on show at World Publishing Expo in Berlin

Oosterhout, August 2017 – Berlin is host once again to the annual World Publishing Expo (WPE), which takes place in the German capital from 10 to 12 October this year. The trade fair is the number one show for companies wishing to showcase their written and printed media products and services, both online and offline. Needless to say, Q.I. Press Controls - Engineering Automation Electronics (QIPC-EAE) will have its own stand at the show. Amongst other things, the Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry will be demonstrating EAE’s Desk 7, with integrated controls for QIPC’s IDS-3D system.

Face-to-face opportunities
“WPE is extremely important to us and the industry as a whole,” explains QIPC-EAE’s managing director, Menno Jansen. “It gives us an opportunity to present ourselves to new businesses and to strengthen alliances with existing partners. And it’s always good to meet people face-to-face. Our experience is that there’s a lot of interest shown in our systems, as well as in the expertise behind them at QIPC-EAE. The latter enables us to provide an effective diagnosis of printing press-related problems faced by clients. It’s a service we’ve been offering for many years, but one for which there is an increasing demand in the sector.”  

Separate control-monitors a thing of the past

QIPC-EAE’s Desk 7 - which will feature prominently at WPE - is not new. “It was at Drupa 2016 that we first presented EAE’s new operating console for newspaper presses,” explains Menno Jansen. “Over a period of many years, the IDS-3D, QIPC’s colour register and control system, has established a proven track record. What is new however, is the integration of the IDS-3D in Desk 7. It gives our customers a whole raft of benefits. Moreover, it means that separate control-monitors will become a thing of the past.” In the meantime, Austria-based Mediaprint has placed an order for 26 Desk 7’s with integrated IDS-3D control. Menno Jansen adds the following: “We’re looking forward to showcasing our products to other interested parties in Berlin as well.”  

High hopes

The integration of the IDS-3D in Desk 7 is yet another positive effect of the takeover of EAE by QIPC in 2014. The synergy between the two companies has been a major boost and this can only lead to better products for customers. The integration of the services offered by both companies will only grow in the future. “We’re keen to show our partners and clients that we have high hopes for the future of the print industry,” Menno Jansen concludes. “In thirty years’ time we will still be active in the sector, of that I’m sure.”

EAE Desk 7

Menno Jansen“We’re keen to show our partners and clients that we have high hopes for the future of the print industry”

About QIPC – EAE:
QIPC – EAE is the result of the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls in 2014. Q.I. Press Controls, the number one supplier of innovative, high-quality optical measurement and control systems, joined forces with EAE, the leading supplier of control, automation and software solutions for the printing industry. Supported by a global service network, the QIPC – EAE joint-venture delivers total solutions for web offset presses in the printing industry. From prepress to mailroom, QIPC – EAE provides solutions that not only lead to production reliability, but to enhanced performance as well.  

For more information, go to: www.qipc.com & www.eae.com

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