Oosterhout, September 2015 – QIPC – EAE has sold yet another Performance Package. The Performance Package, which comprises an update of current systems from EAE and extra automation features from Q.I. Press Controls, ensures greater efficiency and product improvements for printing firms. The package also helps bring about even faster return-on-investment times then the products of Q.I. Press Controls and EAE do separately. This time it was the turn of IPM Press Print (formerly known as Sodimco) in Anderlecht, Belgium to buy the QIPC – EAE package.

IPM Press Print has been experiencing problems of stability in its printing processes. For the past few years, print quality has been inconsistent, with a lot of wastage in the start-up phase and during print runs. Q.I. Press Controls took IPM Press Print on a fact-finding mission to several well-known printing plants in the Netherlands where Q.I. Press Controls had its IDS-3D installed. The Q.I. Press Controls system clearly left an impression on IPM Press Print. Round the conference table, the systems offered by EAE became another item on the agenda. The joint-venture between QIPC – EAE soon created the possibility of a combined Performance Package: IPM Press Print has welcomed this joint package with open arms.

Q.I. Press Controls’ Head of Sales, Erwin van Rossem explains exactly what a “Performance Package” entails: “A Performance Package offers customers the chance to upgrade their current systems and combine these with other additional automation features. This will lead to improved performance and to greater production reliability at the same time. Thanks to the merger, QIPC – EAE is able to effectuate projects with even greater efficiency.” In addition to improved operating reliability, the customer gets a much quicker return on investment. What’s more, by implementing a project even more efficiently, an attractive all-in-one deal can be provided.

IPM Press Print’s Performance Package is intended for its Goss Universal, with four towers and two folders. In IPM Press Print’s case, the package consists of the following components: 1) Six Q.I. Press Controls mRC-3D cut-off controls with optional Automatic Ink Mist Shield (AIMS) and side-lay control. 2) Eight Q.I. Press Controls IDS-3D colour controls and colour register with optional AIMS, Fan-out light, Dampening control and Fault detection. 3) Q.I. Press Controls Intelligent Quality Management (IQM), to monitor all the processes. 4) EAE integration for all Q.I. Press Controls systems. 5) An EAE upgrade for the existing INFO System. 6) An EAE upgrade for the three current control platforms. Whenever QIPC – EAE carries out maintenance in the future, a single QIPC – EAE technician will be on hand to service products from both Q.I. Press Controls and EAE.

The automation package will have several concrete effects for IPM Press Print’s activities. First of all, the package’s improved ease-of-use will reduce manpower requirements to a single full-time employee. The fully automated cut-off control and Fan-out control will also result in drastic savings in waste, in the knowledge that this is now around 3,000 copies per start-up period. Last but not least, the whole package will lead to improved consistency when it comes to product quality.

The Performance Package is a direct result of the collaboration between Q.I. Press Controls and EAE. The QIPC – EAE combination is already reaping its rewards and instilling confidence in clients. Erwin van Rossem hopes that QIPC – EAE will sell more Performance Packages in the future. The investment in the Performance Package will pay for itself in a matter of years. “It is a win-win situation for both ourselves and the customer,” concludes Erwin van Rossem.

Eric Bouko (Managing Director, IPM Press Print) & Erwin van Rossem (Head of Sales Q.I. Press Controls)

About IPM Press Print:
IPM Press Print (formerly Sodimco SA) is the print plant owned by the IPM Groep, a leading Belgian media group which has been active in the industry (printed matter, magazines, newspapers, internet and television) for more than 100 years. IPM Press Print produces on web offset presses fitted with the latest technology and has a reputation for excellent service. The ultramodern facilities and its 60 highly qualified members of staff are a guarantee of perfection and the best price-quality ratio on the market.

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