Regional newspaper in Brazil gives Q.I. Press Controls its first order for a Goss Community press in Latin America

Oosterhout, January 2015  - Jornal do Povo in Cachoeira do Sul, Brazil has given Q.I. Press Controls its first order for a Goss Community press in Latin America. This regional newspaper has an average circulation of 8,000 copies with a readership of 50,000 people in the region. The newspaper aims to contribute to the development of the communities in which it operates. A key priority is the satisfaction of both its workforce and its shareholders. As part of its efforts to improve the quality of Jornal de Povo and to achieve economies, the organisation has opted to buy the mRC-3D colour register system from Q.I. Press Controls.

The order involves four mRC-3D cameras for a Goss Community printing press with two full-colour towers. It would seem that the fact-finding tour of the plant at A Cidade in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo had a major bearing on the decision to buy. Júlio Coutinho, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls in Brazil, had this to say about the visit: “The order was placed not long after the fact-finding mission to A Cidade. This visit proved a success, not least because we have a very satisfied customer there!” Coutinhno hopes that Jornal do Povo’s purchase will provide more satisfied customers to serve as an example for the rest of the Brazilian market. Menno Jansen, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls, is also enthusiastic: “The Jornal do Povo order shows that our fully automatic solutions are suitable for organisations and printing presses of all shapes and sizes.”

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About Jornal do Povo:
Jornal do Povo is the prime means of communication in the Cachoeira do Sul region of Brazil. With an average circulation of 8,000 copies, the newspaper has a total readership of about 50,000. Jornal do Povo also prints dozens of other smaller newspapers in the state of Rio Grande. Its mission is to meet the information and entertainment needs of the local population. The organisation aims to make an impartial and ethically-responsible contribution to the social and cultural development of the region’s inhabitants. With 85 years of uninterrupted involvement in the community, the newspaper can look forward to a successful future in the central part of the Rio Grande do Sul state.

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