Satisfied customer Eurodruk-Poznán opts once again for Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, March 2015  - Eurodruk-Poznán Sp. z.o.o., based in Poznán, Poland has once again opted for Q.I. Press controls. The heat-set organisation already has three systems from Q.I. Press Controls operating on various presses. In fact, Eurodruk is so pleased that they have chosen to upgrade completely to the mRC-3D for colour register and cut-off.

Eurodruk supplies customised commercial printed matter. Ever since being established, Eurodruk has been investing in the latest technologies and the quality of its workforce. The upshot of this is that the organisation is able to guarantee the very best quality to its customers. In the eyes of Maitntenance Director, Robert Jaros, the investment in an upgrade to one of its printing presses – a manroland LITHOMAN III with four printing units and a folder – is a logical next step. Initially, Eurodruk wanted to expand the current automatic solution on the press with cut-off, but because the system is more than twelve years old, the company decided in favour of giving the press a complete upgrade. “We are great believers in innovation,” Jaros explains. “Eurodruk already has three Q.I. Press Controls systems installed so their innovativeness is clear to see. This, along with Eurodruk’s experience with installation of the previous systems, led to a decision to invest in a completely new automation package.”

The objective of the upgrade is twofold: Eurodruk expects that the quality of its products will increase, whilst at the same time production costs will diminish. When the system is fully up to scratch, this will automatically lead to working standards in the business being raised. Jaros has every confidence in this: “So far, our experience with Q.I. Press Controls can only be described as positive. For example, I could point out the extremely low failure ratio of their systems in our printing operations, as well as mention the fact that the level of service they give us at Q.I. Press Controls is second to none.” With this new investment, Jaros also aims to continue making use of Q.I. Press Controls’ excellent standard of service with which Euroduk is only too familiar.

Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls Germany, Arslan Miftachoglu, is enthusiastic about Eurodruk’s positive reaction: “Eurodruk and ourselves go back a long way. It’s good to see that the organisation still has absolute faith in our solutions after all these years. The result of having such a satisfied customer is not only that word of Q.I. Press Controls’ reputation gets spread around in Poland and the surrounding countries, but this also has influence internally. It’s precisely for such satisfied customers that we go about our business.”

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mRC-3D camera at Eurodruk-Poznán

Jaros: "The level of service they give us at Q.I. Press Controls is second to none”

About Eurodruk-Poznán Sp. z.o.o.:
Poznán-based Eurodruk in Poland is a heat-set printing company which specialises in customised multi-colour printing. The plant produces newspapers, supplements, catalogues and advertising material. Eurodruk is able to guarantee high standards of quality, technical support and a professional, friendly service at each stage of the project. The needs of the customer take centre stage: Eurodruk delivers a customised service and is only happy when the customer is too.

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