Success twice over in China for Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, March 2015  - Q.I. Press Controls achieves double success in China. Within the space of a week, both GanSu Daily and LiaoCheng Daily have opted to invest in the mRC-3D with AIMS (Automatic Ink Mist Shield). Paul Yu, Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls China, had this to say: “We have been told both organisations are giving serious consideration to a follow-up investments in our products, once their systems are running up to speed.”

GanSu Daily

In the past, GanSu Daily had already purchased the mRC+ for its existing Goss press. The organisation has once again – via Goss – opted for the new variant, the mRC-3D with AIMS, for its new Goss Magnum 45 press with three full-colour towers. GanSu Daily aims to minimise its consumption of materials and has expressed its satisfaction with the mRC+. In their view, it was a logical next step to upgrade to the mRC-3D for the new press, not only to safeguard quality, but also to cut down on materials.

LiaoCheng Daily

LiaoCheng Daily has plumped for the same system for its Goss Magnum 45 press following a fact-finding mission to another satisfied customer elsewhere in China. It was clear to them that the printing quality was a lot more stable. Likewise, savings had also been made on materials, which clinched it for LiaoCheng Daily. The eight mRC-3D cameras are installed on four full-colour towers.

It wasn’t just the products offered by Q.I. Press Controls that helped win the orders from the two organisations, but the service too. Paul Yu explains: “They (GanSu Daily) are extremely happy with the quality of our system. The fact that we provided excellent levels of service in the past was a major factor in them choosing us again. Our system impressed well on LiaoCheng Daily too. It was partly down to our professional sales strategy that the deal was eventually sealed.”

The likelihood is that if the product and the service continue to impress in the future, the organisations will choose to re-invest in other Q.I. Press Controls systems. At Gansu Daily, Paul Yu is currently assessing what the best method is for applying the cut-off on the printing presses and explains that LiaoCheng Daily is also looking to fit its other presses with the mRC-3D. Menno Jansen, Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls, is confident that both organisations will continue the collaboration in the future and views the two orders as an illustration of the way the Chinese market is heading. “The double success reminds me of two orders that were placed by Chinese companies in 2014. They also arrived in the space of a week and involved the same sort of automatic solutions for the same kind of presses. The regularity of these orders is a good sign for Q.I. Press Controls’ activities in China. The Chinese market is showing increasing confidence in our products and services. We take considerable pride in this.”

About GanSu Daily:
GanSu Daily is the most influential news platform in the province of GanSu, China. Since 1999, the platform has gained a reputation for its news website, which goes by the same name as the newspaper. The website provides a rich diversity of channels and produces around 2200 daily updates on national news. GanSu Daily has a name as a reliable news source and is also keen to work towards collective progress and the development of new media.

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