Oosterhout, September 2015 – EAE welcomes Techniweb as a new agent! Techniweb will represent EAE in the entire graphical market of France. Due to the collaboration between Q.I. Press Controls and EAE, the agency decided it was about time to add EAE in their portfolio. Menno Jansen, Director Q.I. Press Controls, believes that having just one agent for both Q.I. Press Controls and EAE makes sure that the efficiency and effectiveness of the combination QIPC – EAE will be well known in all of France.

Techniweb, with its headquarter in Vitry sur Seine, has been a successful agent for Q.I. Press Controls to actively represent and promote the sales of Q.I. Press Controls’ equipment within the France newspaper and commercial printing market. Head of Sales of Q.I. Press Controls Erwin van Rossem tells about the start of the cooperation five years ago: “End 2010, during the WAN-IFRA, our cooperation started successfully. After a couple of months, the orders from France started to come in, thanks to Techniweb.” Q.I. Press Controls is happy with the services of Techniweb’s owner Pierre Borot. “The number of orders from France went up and Pierre is very familiar with the local market,” states Erwin van Rossem. “He gives the customer the exact and precise information they need.”

Now, after Q.I. Press Controls took over EAE, EAE decided to appoint Techniweb as an agent to actively represent and promote the sales of EAE in the French market as well. Pierre Borot is positive about the addition of EAE to the portfolio. He states: “Techniweb and Q.I. Press Controls already have a long term partnership. The investment process of newspaper manufacturers takes a long time, some projects takes years to develop. The addition of EAE allows us to provide a complete package deal, what is positive for our customers.” Pierre Borot tells that his contacts are very positive about the addition of EAE.

Menno Jansen believes that representation of EAE by Techniweb is contributory to the effectiveness and efficiency of the combination QIPC – EAE. He states: “QIPC – EAE is working hard to provide synergy. One of the goals we want to accomplish is structured and coherent communication to our customers. By having one agent that represents both EAE and Q.I. Press Controls we are one step closer to accomplishing this goal.”

QIPC – EAE whishes Techniweb a successful and efficient future.

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About Techniweb SAS:
Techniweb is a French company, based in the south of Paris, that commenced manufacturing specialized automatic blanket cleaners and web cleaners for the worldwide web printing market in 2000. Techniweb’s philosophy and concept is to manufacture auxiliary equipment that is simple to use, to provide many years of reliable production, to be cost-effective in consumables and maintenance, and to be available for a reasonable investment.

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