Oosterhout, November 2015  - Multimedia companies Jagran Prakashan and Lokmat Media have once again opted for Q.I. Press Controls. Both companies ordered mRC-3D cameras for different printing sites. The orders, which confirms the good relationship that already exists between Q.I. Press Controls and the two companies, signals a positive outcome for all three organisations.

Jagran Prakashans order for its printing sites in Allahabad and Muzaffarpur, India.
Over the last three years, Q.I. Press Controls has installed various systems in the numerous plants owned by Jagran Prakashan. The IRS, the mRC+ and the mRC-3D are fitted on over 100 towers. This time, Jagran Prakashan placed an order for
the installation of the mRC-3D for its plants in Allahabad and Muzaffarpur. Both locations house a Manugraph Cityline Express with six towers and one folder. Q.I. Press Controls plans to equip these printing presses with a total of 24 cameras for colour register. The cameras will be fitted with AIMS (Automatic Ink Mist Shields) to keep the system dirt-free. Jagran Prakashan has made it clear that this will not be the last order it places with Q.I. Press Controls. In the future, the organisation aims to install an upgrade on the systems with additional functions, such as inkductor control, IQM (Intelligent Quality Management) and even colour control.

Jagran Prakashan’s adherence to Q.I. Press Controls’ solutions is primarily down to its reliable systems which help bring about high-quality printed products. The organisation evidently maintains good relations with the QIPC – EAE India team. The systems currently operating in other plants are delivering exceptional results: quality is consistently good and start-up times for presses have been significantly reduced. The expectations are that the system being installed will match the results of those already in situ. Vijay Pandya, Managing Director of QIPC – EAE India, has every confidence in the new Q.I. Press Controls system: “We will continue to provide the same levels of service that Jagran Prakashan is accustomed to from us. With the technology we have, I am convinced that the product will more than meet the requirements of the organisation. Continued investment is this already excellent relationship will result in mutual benefits well into the future.

Lokmat Media’s order for its printing sites in Nashik and Mumbai, India.
The two consecutive orders of Lokmat Media consists of 12 mRC-3D cameras for colour register and cut-off control for their location in Nashik and 10 cameras for their location in Mumbai. All cameras will be equipped with Automatic Ink Mist Shields (AIMS). The system will be installed on two new Orient newspaper presses present on the different printing sites.

Due to the experience with Q.I. Press Controls, the media group expects a smooth functioning mRC-3D. After the installation, the system makes sure that the organisation reduces its waste. This is the effect of a shorter make-ready period and a constant good quality of colour register and cut-off register of the product.

Vijay Pandya is very content with the order. He states: “We at QIPC – EAE India work hard to build and maintain good relationships with our customers. The cooperation between Lokmat Media and Q.I. Press Controls goes way back. I am glad that the organisation is convinced about the benefits of our systems.

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Operator working at Jagran Prakashan

Vijay Pandya "We at QIPC – EAE India work hard to build and maintain good relationships with our customers."

About Jagran Prakashan Ltd.:
Jagran Prakashan Ltd. is India’s leading media and communications group with its interests spanning across Print, Marketing, Branding and Digital Media covers all of India as its footprint. Jagran Prakashan is amongst one of the largest media conglomerates in the country. The Jagran group publishes twelve print titles in five different languages spread across fifteen states with over 100 editions.

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