Web-offset clients take just-in-time advantge of Q.I. Press Controls' superior quality automation package

Oosterhout, October 2012  - In the period of 29-31 October, Q.I. Press Controls will create a unique platform at stand 431, with the aim to inform clients on its latest successes of its state-of-the-art systems for labour-reducing quality automation on web-offset presses; demonstrated in Frankfurt with references of world premieres!

In addition to manufacturing uncompromising quality products, web-offset printers are taking the latest steps to further maximise the efficiency of their printing companies. It is an economic necessity to do so. It is times like this that prove the correctness of the strategic choice of Q.I. Press Controls when it was founded in 1996. ‘Labour will become the most crucial cost for printing companies. Using robust closed-loop press automation, web-offset presses will perform fully automatically and produce with a minimum of waste and at predictable maximised efficiency.’ The advocates of this philosophy, Menno Jansen and Erik van Holten, have created a proven track record in doing so, as evidenced by a large worldwide installed base! Among their client portfolio of more than one thousand users, a product has never been replaced by a competing alternative and the number of clients that decide to reinvest in Q.I. Press Controls’ printing press automation grows by the day. This trend is further intensified now that retrofit and the modernisation of web-offset presses rise on the priority list of companies. It is with justified pride that Q.I. Press Controls can report that large national newspaper printing companies have been able to implement substantial changes in their staff thanks to the support of Q.I. Press Controls’ quality automation systems. By way of illustration, Corelio Printing Partners (CPP) in Belgium and Persgroep in Amsterdam managed to reduce their workforce by a quarter in their major printing companies.

Ruud de Klerk, director of De Persgroep Amsterdam is quoted: “Q.I. Press Controls’ quality automation system facilitated the final step in our staff reduction plan (by 25%) and ran harmoniously with our Works Council. In fact, the process turned out to be so successful that the plan ultimately exceeded its initial objectives”.

Eric Elyn, CPP’s plant manager coldset Groot-Bijgaarden in Belgium is quoted: “Q.I. Press Controls’ equipment has changed CPP’s Colorman from a newspaper printing press that needed staff at all critical points into a fully automated newspaper press. That is why the total number of people working in the printing operator room of CPP continues to fall. In terms of current costs, this multi-million retrofit investment will earn itself back within three to four years. In due course, we will also reduce our paper waste – despite increased printing quality – by one and a half percent of our total paper consumption”. In practice, Q.I. Press Controls’ innovative high-tech often appears to provide decisive support to the survival scenarios of newspaper printing companies.

Predictable production results
Year after year, Q.I. Press Controls’ developers have delivered performances which have ultimately resulted into concrete successes with a proven track-record in practice. They prove that philosophies of human indispensability for top performances in printing companies are a myth. Q.I. Press Controls’ automation package: IDS, mRC-3D, ABD and IQM make newspaper productions predictable; both in quality and in quantity. That is what the current economic situation requires: doing away with uncertain outcomes, doing away with quality-related complaints or claims and doing away with vagueness surrounding the causes if nevertheless something did go wrong after all. Q.I. Press Controls’ new management tools take nanoseconds to match true printing results with the quality target, as laid down in e.g. Tiff-G4 cmyk prepress documents. Q.I. Press Controls’ IDS uses intelligent algorithms to match colour superfast; a patented L*a*b* closed-loop activity with 24/7 feedback to operational staff and management and all without additional auxiliary strips or register marks on the printing web. This colour quality automation does away with unwanted colour strips or colour marks frowned upon by newspaper editors and the readers. Predictability of colour register is delivered by Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC-3D system, a premiere for the WAN-IFRA exhibition. This innovative product with 3-D technology only uses micro-marks recognised by the mRC-3D camera in an instant, yet hardly detectable with the naked eye; all closed-loop in nanoseconds!

Reliable service
Q.I. Press Controls guarantees its high-tech automation technology on 24/7 robust techno-platforms with the usual after sales warranties, including service in the practical user life. It is general knowledge that Q.I. Press Controls supports its user client 24/7 with both on-the-spot and remote service; in most continents and in the local language. Q.I. Press Controls’ extensive dealer network is of decisive importance therein. ‘Being there when your client needs you’ is deeply embedded in the genes of Q.I. Press Controls’ service staff and the clients can certainly endorse that. “It is of course of vital importance that clients are fully satisfied with their investment choice for our systems”, says Menno Jansen and Erik van Holten, director of Q.I. Press Controls. “Yet their continued satisfaction in the user period thereafter is of the highest importance. We would like to assist our clients in achieving that, in every respect. Our focus is continuously aimed at this. That is the very reason why we offer a relaxed platform at IFRA Expo in Frankfurt, stand 431, to relay this to our clients. Here too we continue to build on a practical performance track record with our existing clients!”

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mRC-3D camera with AIMS cassette, at first at the WAN-IFRA exhibition

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