QIPC celebrates 25 year jubilee with the icing on the cake: First customer, Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk, places new order 25 years after date

Oosterhout, May 2021 – Q.I. Press Controls, the Dutch specialist in automation solutions for the printing industry, celebrates its 25 jubilee. Since the start in 1996, operating from a garage box, the company has grown to an internationally operating organisation with a worldwide network of offices and agencies. An extensive global client base relies on QIPC’s press automation solutions for enhanced print quality and efficiency on a daily basis.

QIPC’s founders Erik van Holten and Menno Jansen started in 1996 in the garage box of Erik van Holten. Both having gained experience in the graphic industry, they wanted to bring their own vision to the market. With their first patented IRS solution for automated color register control in 1997 and the, successful, first installation with Janssen/Pers in Gennep, The Netherlands, they gained their first of many milestones. 

QIPC kept on introducing innovating solutions for print quality enhancement and production efficiency. They had many firsts:  ‘True colorsintroducing markless color control, the patented 3-D technology and the IDS-3D solution that was the first to fully automatically control both color register, density and damp with one single camera.  

In addition to product-related milestones, QIPC has also received recognition in relation to its business operations on several occasions, for example by being in the Fast 50 and the Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking from Deloite and Touch and obtaining the Brabant Economy award. 

2014 was the year of the acquisition of EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH in Ahrensburg Germany. With this QIPC underlined their commitment to the printing industry. By joining the abilities of both companies, QIPC-EAE could make even bigger steps in automating the printing process through the use of innovative concepts. This performance package definitely proves its worth in numerous projects worldwide.

The expansion of activities continued. With sister company EAE Solutions they made their entrance in the logistic market, also here evolving as a valued and innovative partner for large international parties.  

Now it is 2021 and for 25 years QIPC has served its customers with great dedication and concern and has built partnerships for live. A memorable moment in turbulent times. Although large-scale celebrations are unfortunately not possible, it is a special marker in the company's history. The icing on the cake is that the first customer in 1997, Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk in Gennep, The Netherlands, placed yet another order 25 years after date. How extraordinary that both companies are still more than thriving in a market that has been so turbulent and subject to change over the years.

Joost Swenne, Technical Director Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk: “QIPC and Janssen/Pers have been stable partners in a turbulent market for 25 years. We also feel confident about the future by investing once again in a new color register system with people we can rely on.” Menno Jansen, Chairman QIPC: “What better compliment can one get. It gives prove that our philosophy Quality and Intelligence (QI) still stands. This in combination with our vision of continuous partnership and commitment proved to be a golden combination in the success of our company.” 

“Only 25 years young and we just keep on counting. Growing from an adventurous start in the garage into a global player is like the fulfilment of a boyhood dream. Our continuous motivation to innovate and listen to our customers' needs has driven us to an absolute number one position in the newspaper industry. The spirit of 25 years ago has certainly not disappeared and this can be seen in our growth in the intra-logistics market. I would like to thank our loyal customers for their trust in us and we will certainly make sure that in the next 25 years everyone will be just as happy with our systems as they have been in the past 25 years”, Menno Jansen concludes.    

Erik van Holten, Chairman QIPC: “I am really proud and thankful that for 25 years our highly motivated staff and partnering customers made us become respected innovators, helping our worldwide customers improving their printing processes. We will stay on our innovation path and help our customer to become even more efficient and sustainable in the future.”

First customer, Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk, places order 25 years after date. The icing on the cake

Meno Jansen "It gives prove that our philosophy Quality and Intelligence (QI) still stands. This in combination with our vision of continuous partnership and commitment proved to be a golden combination in the success of our company.”

About Q.I. Press Controls:
Q.I. Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems. We are globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry. Our total solutions are supported by a worldwide service network. These reliable systems are proven in the market of existing and new printing presses and offer our customers structural better results. 

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