La Charente Libre's printing process optimised thanks to QIPC

Oosterhout, März 2017 La Charente Libre is the latest customer of Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC). Based in Angoulême, France, the printing concern will soon be taking advantage of state-of-the-art measurement and control systems supplied by QIPC, the Dutch specialist for the printing industry. Twelve mRC-3D cameras for automatic colour register control are being installed on the company's Goss Community & DGM press.

Quality improvements and savings
La Charente Libre is owned by the Sud-Ouest Group, which has its head office in Bordeaux. The company prints mainly small-circulation newspapers and works exclusively with a night shift. To improve efficiency and maintain high levels of consistency in the quality of its printed products, in recent years La Charente Libre has been investing in various automation systems for its presses. QIPC's system is the most recent upgrade at La Charente Libre. “We're expecting the new system not only to bring about improvements in the end-product, but also lead to savings in waste, both during the start-up phase as well as during printing,” explains La Charente Libre's technical director, Michel Gonzalez. According to the company, too many copies are having to be thrown away at the moment. “In turn, quality improvements should help them attract more orders from outside,” surmises QIPC’s Head of Sales, Erwin van Rossem.


Installation of the twelve compact cameras has been planned for week 9 of 2017. But the collaboration with QIPC goes a lot further than the integration of the automation systems alone. “We expect a partnership founded on effective support,” says Michel Gonzalez. “We are counting on the flexibility and responsiveness of QIPC. With a press which is far from being standard, we expect the proper back-up.” Erwin van Rossem is aware of the challenge. “This is our first project with Sud-Ouest Group. It provides us with an opportunity to show what a reliable partner we can be. I have complete faith it will all come good.”  


Another important bonus in plumping for QIPC was for the company to be able to communicate in its own language. Good references had been passed on from other French printing companies, and in the event of problems QIPC’s agent in France, Pierre Borot (of Techniweb) has always acted as a native-speaker intermediary. Techniweb was involved in the decision-making process and is also helping with the installation and training at the French-speaking plant in Angoulême. “Pierre was a lynchpin in acquiring the order,” Erwin van Rossem declares. “We really have to thank him for his indefatigable support.”

Michel Gonzalez“We expect a partnership founded on effective support”

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