Q.I. Press Controls lands major order from Chinese printer

Oosterhout, Februar 2016 - The Dutch specialist in measurement and control systems for the printing industry, Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC), is set to intensify its partnership with China-based Hunan Xinhua. In addition to the QIPC equipment already installed on its book and newspaper presses, Hunan Xinhua has now placed an order for two mRC-3Ds for automatic colour register on its new Goss book printing press. The two mRC-3Ds will be fitted with Ink Mist Shield (IMS) and a new folder will also be installed in the printing plant, which is located in the south-western city of Shaoyang.

Positive experiences
Hunan Xinhua knows exactly what it's getting with the QIPC systems. Its positive experiences with them in the past were instrumental in its decision to invest in QIPC's measurement and control systems for the new book printing press. “We have placed three previous orders with QIPC”, explains Xintao Lee, deputy General Manager of Hunan Xinhua. “We're happy with their systems and know that they deliver superior quality and stable performances. QIPC has an extremely good name in the marketplace. With that reason in mind too, we opted to use QIPC on our new press.” 

The mRC-3Ds will enable the colour register to be controlled completely automatically on the press from now on. In terms of speed, the mRC-3D camera is second to none and is able to give accurate measurements independently of the focal distance and irregularities in the paper web. This means extremely short response times as a result of which waste can be substantially reduced. The mRC-3D detection camera is now equipped with double sensors. The double sensor technology not only doubles the possibilities, but can also handle depth more efficiently. This concept has proven its value when it comes to unsteady paper web routings and/or surfaces. IMS ensures that the optics on the mRC-3Ds can be cleaned using removable glass. “We expect that the system will maintain our high standards of quality and keep waste to a minimum,” adds Xintao Lee.

Hunan Xinhua
Hunan Xinhua is a large state-owned company operating in the South-west of China, which is also stock-exchange listed. The company's headquarters is in the city of Changsha, about 200 kilometres from Shaoyang, where the two mRC-3Ds will be installed. The company, which prints around 25 million copies annually, has a total workforce of 2,200 employees. “The mRC-3D, which Hunan Xinhua is already using on an existing press, helped convince them of the system”, explains Paul Yu, Managing Director of QIPC China. “They were so satisfied with it, it wasn't difficult for them to buy the mRC-3D for their new press as well.” The Chinese company has high hopes of this collaboration in the future. To this end, Hunan Xinhua is looking beyond just the installation of the two mRC-3Ds. Xintao Lee: “We are looking forward to QIPC developing even more interesting products in the future.”

mRC-3D in action

Xintao Lee“We're happy with their systems and know that they deliver superior quality and stable performances."

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