Four large Chinese dailies improve quality by Q.I. Press Controls' corporation with Goss China

, December 2010  - Q.I. Press Controls strengthens its foothold in the Chinese newspaper printing industry. In close cooperation with Goss Shanghai, twelve Goss Magnum 4-high printing towers were equipped with Q.I. Press Controls’ latest generation mRC+ colour register systems with register marks in 2010.

These with mRC+ equipped Goss Magnum coldset presslines went into daily Chinese newspaper production at HuNan Daily in Changsha, GanSu Daily in LanZhou, TianWen Xinhua in ShaoYang and People’s Daily in Xi’An. Chinese people like reading their newspapers. Chinese reader’s attitude towards newspapers is therefore insisting on good and sharply printed colour quality; just to experience an accurate impression of advertising details and proper editorial understanding. Chinese newspapers are not only studied at home but very often read from vertical public glass covered cabinets. Obviously the thousands of Chinese character-types, either in horizontal or top-down reading, must remain in perfect quality, specifically when they are multicolour printed. To meet this consumers- and more importantly advertisers need, hardly none of today’s Chinese newspaper presses is installed without colour register automation. Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC+ colour register solution has the reliable performance to become Chinese newspaper printer’s favourite in a short period of time.

Goss Magnum presslines are manufactured in a Goss subsidiary in Shanghai. This single webwidth pressline is dedicated for the Asian market, to serve a flexible multiple web full-colour newspaper production. Chinese newspaper production is modernising these days. Pressure from newspaper printing entrepreneurs to save on waste and gain in print quality at the same time is leading towards investments in press and auxiliary automation. But also responding to increasing salaries in the Chinese industry. Q.I. Press Controls’ solutions meet these requirements perfectly.

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