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Incorrect and/or defective parts can be returned to Q.I. Press Controls. However in order to offer you the right service it is important you first fill out the form below and send it to us. Without this document unfortunately we can not consider your request. 

To request a return you can call +31 162 408 247 or e-mail to service@qipc.com. Upon receipt of the application you will receive a RMA number and also the details of how and where to send the item to. Please use this RMA number in any further correspondence about this returned part.

The product can only be returned when you have received a RMA number from us. Fax the completed form along with a copy of the invoice.

Your data

Product data

Reason for return

Commercial RMA

Technical RMA


RMA service conditions

  • Incomplete or unclear forms will not be processed.
  • The defect found must be described as good as possible.
  • The product must be returned within 5 days after receipt of the RMA number.
  • A DOA treatment needs to be returned within 5 days after receipt.
  • A copy of the RMA form + RMA number and invoice must be returned along with the article.
  • The product needs to be sent properly packed, in original packaging without tape and/or text.
  • When sending hardware for repairs please do not send along any cables or other supplies.
  • When these conditions are not met, the product will be returned without being processed.
  • In case of an incorrect order a minimum of 10% of restocking costs will be charged.
  • Minimum research costs are € 762,-. Possible used materials will be charged additionally.