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You invest in our products, Q.I. Press Controls invests in you. By sharing knowledge it will become collective knowledge and together we can get the best possible out of your people and investment.

User training
This training consists of a 2 to 3 hour presentation on location, which is given by one of our service engineers. The training is continued on the printing press following the theoretical presentation. A demonstration is given of all functionalities and various production sessions are then held. All (practical) questions are answered during this section. The training is held during the commissioning stage of a system. Q.I. Press Controls recommends that this training is repeated at a later stage in order to refresh the knowledge and to provide any new employees within your organisation with the correct information. 

Technical training
This 2 day training course is held at Q.I. Press Controls and focuses on the technical aspects of each purchased system. The target group is the electro-technical and mechanical personnel who are responsible for maintenance or the functioning of the system. Specific details relating to your system will be dealt with after the general introduction. Tailor-made technical training is offered and executed. 

Individual consultancy
The developed analysis tools can be used not only to solve problems, but also to improve the process. Q.I. Press Controls offers you individual consultancy; also regarding your press. With the available data, our analysis tools and of course the knowledge of our experienced engineers Q.I. Press Controls can advise you regarding the printing process and press-related matters. The used tools are very technical and designed specifically for our service purposes. Most data is made accessible for you in the Intelligent Quality Management System (IQM).

For more information call +31 162 408 222 or mail to support@qipc.com