i am... Intelligent Density System-3D

IDS-3D Closed Loop Image based Colour and Register Control

"True colours" : Markless and preset by IDS-3D

Our IDS-3D is an "All-in-one" fully image based colour and register measuring and control system that also detects failure in print. It uses the information in the TIFF files as a reference to ensure absolute colour and register stability throughout the print run. 'True Colours' are a reality. 

Gain even more efficiency with further improved performance of the press without buying new hardware. QIPC Smart Presetting is designed to further improve start-up sequences in order to reduce waste to an absolute minimum. The intelligent presetting system is able to generate production type specific pre-sets for ink-keys as well as damp and ink ductors, which will be used to significantly decrease the amount of copies to reach a sellable product.

-       Intelligent self-learning characteristics (possibility to get customised self-learning behaviour)
-       In conjunction with closed-loop ink- and damp control best possible presetting performance possible

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