i am... mRC-3D Colour register automatic control

Maximum reduction in waste with high speed cameras

With the innovative mRC-3D register management system, Q.I. Press Controls proves once again that it is the specialist in the field of closed loop color register systems for rotary offset presses. The mRC-3D camera is the fastest in the world and can measure the paper web accurately independently of the focus distance and distortions in the paper web. This ensures a very short response time, as a result of which substantial savings can be achieved on paper insertion. 

The mRC-3D detection camera is now equipped with double sensors. The double sensor technology not only doubles the possibilities, but can also handle depth more efficiently. This concept proves its great added value case of unsteady paper web routings and/or surfaces.
Another completely new feature is the option to clean the optic by means of removable glass (IMS) or even to automate this completely by means of driven film (AIMS).

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