New Goss V-30 for brazil installed with Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, April 2010  - Gráfica Art Laser is a print house in a small town near Campinas, Brazil, where they specialise in the printing of flyers which they produce for several large companies in the region. They provide  a high value, high quality product and consequently they are FSC and ISO certified. Now, to even further improve their print quality and to reduce waste figures, Goss International Americas placed  an order with Q.I. Press Controls for market leading mRC with the tiny register marks. The Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC with registermarks. The Q.I. Press Controls’ register system will be installed on Gráfica Art Laser’s new Goss V-30 heatset press and will automatically control both colour and cut-off register.

For Q.I. Press Controls this is a very special order, “With Gráfica Art Laser we did not only gain our first customer in Brazil, but in addition it will also be the first installation we will carry out here in corporation with Goss.” States Julio Coutinho, Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls Brazil. “As Goss in one of the main press suppliers here in Brazil, the installation of our products at Gráfica Art Laser will of course offer us a good reference site on which we can demonstrate the benefits of the systems and allow us to further expand of our market in this area.”

“This installation with Art Laser will of course be key to the success of Q.I. Press Controls in Brazil and as a statement of commitment to the market and our future partners, we have employed a locally based engineer to ensure customer service and support remains a priority with Q.I. Press Controls”

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