Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH places confidence in Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, February 2016 – The new press installed at German-based printing and publishing company, Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH, is to be fitted with closed-loop systems from Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC). The new KBA Commander CL with four towers, at its plant in Rodenberg, Germany, will be equipped with the mRC-3D and IDS-3D systems from QIPC for colour register, fan-out, cut-off register, side-lay and colour control. The company hopes the new press will be operational for print runs by mid-2016. “In QIPC, we think we’ve found a partner for the long term”, is the verdict.

Optimum use
When the company was in the process of buying a new press, the question immediately arose as to how this should be fitted out. KBA, supplier of the new printing press, advised Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH to have it equipped with QIPC’s closed-loop systems. “The new press is an incredibly advanced piece of machinery”, says Niels Rohrsen, production manager at Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH, explaining exactly why his company followed the advice of KBA. “In order to get optimum use of the printing press, we needed the best possible equipment. Part of this is the automatic colour control and the register control.”  

By optimising use of the new press, the German-based printing company is hoping not only to make big savings, but also to improve on quality. “The most important reason for choosing QIPC was to bring about savings in time, to maintain constantly high levels of quality and to reduce waste”, adds Niels Rohrsen. This is exactly what the mRC-3D and IDS-3D systems will help them achieve. One of the two mRC-3D systems will automate the colour register and the sideward growth of the web after printing in comparison to the web before printing, the so-called closed-loop fan-out. The other mRC-3D system will automate the cut-off register and the sideward positioning of a section of web with a turning bar. Both have been fitted with the Automatic Ink Mist Shield, which ensures that the camera lenses are cleaned automatically. The IDS-3D takes care of the colour control and the fount solution control. “Thanks to these systems, we are confident of improving standards, independently of the press itself”, explains Niels Rohrsen. “In addition, we expect that the quality of the printed matter will be more consistent.”

Long term
In installing its new printing press, Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH was explicitly looking towards the future. “Thanks to the advanced technologies offered by QIPC, we will be able to make big savings in the future. The assumption is that the lifespan of a printing press is around 15 to 20 years. To get us through this period, we are seeking out dependable partners who are able to support our business and our machines. In QIPC we think we have found such a partner.”  

FLTR.: Werner Rohrsen, André Schäffer and Dirk Nagel. Management Oppermann Druck und Verlags GmbH

Niels Rohrsen"In QIPC, we think we’ve found a partner for the long term"

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