Oosterhout, March 2012 34 mRC+ register cameras will give a perfect automated colour and cut-off register to D.C.Thomson’s hybride Colorliner web offset press mid-2012. That is when the prominent newspaper printing and publisher D.C. Thomson will take its new Goss Colorliner CPS into operation. The accompanying image shows that it concerns a compact version of the combined Goss coldset/heatset concept; the world’s first Goss Colorliner CPS presses. 

Q.I. Press Controls is happy with this advanced automation project, enabling them to demonstrate the immense gain in effectiveness the mRC+ detection and register control system will give this compact newspaper web offset press; particularly at start-up, but also during the continuous production of the Colorliner CPS. “This is a magnificent project to start the year with, for everyone involved”, says Jaco Bleijenberg, Q.I. Press Controls’ Director of International Sales & Marketing. He goes on to add: “The eight-tower press with heatset capacity prints up to 90,000 copies per hour and is controlled by a full automation package, including Goss’ Autoplate print plate changing technology and mRC’s closed loop system for colour and cut-off register control. Q.I. Press Controls’ 34 mRC+ register cameras and control algorithms will contribute to an increase in cost effectiveness. On the one hand through automation of the production process and on the other hand through guaranteed delivery of high-quality printed matter. It is clear that printers on the newspaper market are now aware of the fact that automation is a must if you want to continue doing business and face the daily challenges”, Bleijenberg underlines.

D.C. Thomson, of Dundee in Scotland, has been a prominent family-owned printer and publisher for more than 100 years now.

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Goss’ Colorliner CPS hybrid compact coldset web offset press with heatset dryers for DC Thomson, Dundee Scotland.

Jaco Bleijenberg: “This is a magnificent project to start the year with, for everyone involved”

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