, March 2011  - The focus in the printing industry has changed from creating new innovative products to refining the quality and reliability of existing products. One can not afford downtimes anymore as they can lead to complaints and claims. Q.I. Press Controls is aware their products need to deliver a reliable performance day in day out, worldwide!

That is why Q.I. Press Controls decided to gear their Customer Support department’s policy to these changes. By introducing a three level maintenance program Q.I. Press Controls enables customers to manage their need for service and support themselves. This choice directly affects the services one may expect in terms of turnaround time, support and the availability of parts. This way Q.I. Press Controls can be there for customers even before they need them.

Steven Heijstek, Head of Customer Support: “From experience we know that a lot of service requests could have been avoided if we had come into contact earlier. Things such as preventive maintenance, training or line behaviour analyses spring to mind. These aspects therefore form part of the composed packages, providing different service levels. The choice fully depends on ones specific needs. The table in the registerSUPPORT (red. see PDF file) makes it easier to compare the different contracts. In short: Q.I. Press Controls makes sure customers can deliver the best possible products at any time!”

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