Q.I. Press Controls is first choice for People’s Railway News!

Oosterhout, April 2015  - The Chinese People’s Railway News in Beijing has opted for Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC-3D for its new printing press. The organisation was the first in China to buy the new IRS eleven years ago and to this day, the system is still operating to their complete satisfaction. In fact, People’s Railway News is so happy with the service and quality from Q.I. Press Controls, that they told printing press manufacturer Seiken that only a Q.I. Press Controls system would be good enough for the new press.

Paul Yu, Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls China, values the loyalty shown by People’s Railway News. “The organisation has one-hundred percent confidence in us,” he explains. “When I got in touch after hearing the news from Seiken, my contact there told me that the IRS was still working perfectly after eleven years. There was no doubt in the organisation’s mind about coming back to us.” This time, People’s Railway News has opted for the newer mRC-3D.

The mRC-3D cameras with AIMS and colour register functionality will be installed on the new Seiken 65 newspaper printing press in the next few weeks. People’s Railway News has made it clear that its installation will bring about big savings in terms of waste and the product will produce a stable quality.

A second reason why the organisation chose a system from Q.I. Press Controls is that the collaboration has always been excellent. About his contact person at People’s Railway News, Yu had this to say: “He told us the system has hardly ever misbehaved. In such unlikely events, help was always on hand from our people and they gave an excellent service. For the time being, the organisation has no more plans for the future, but if that were the case and they needed an upgrade, they would come knocking at the door of Q.I. Press Controls first.”

Menno Jansen, Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls, says that the order is yet another ringing endorsement of Q.I. Press Controls’ status: “It’s good to hear that confidence in our systems and our organisation is high. I was proud when People’s Railway News was the first in China to invest in the IRS and after another eleven years I’m equally as proud of the fact that our systems are so beneficial that such a distinguished client as this has come back to us.”

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"the system has hardly ever misbehaved. In such unlikely events, help was always on hand from our people and they gave an excellent service"

About People’s Railway News:
People’s Railway News reports on the world of railways in China. The daily newspaper contains news about people working on or for the railways, throws the spotlight on special train journeys and discusses the latest trends in the railway industry. The newspaper organisation is all about hard work. Hard work brings about prosperity and helps build a brighter future.

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