Yet another Chinese order for Q.I. Press Controls

Oosterhout, July 2015  - ZiGong Daily has shown to the Chinese printing industry, it was time to invest in a new register system for its Goss newspaper press. The company, based in ZiGong, China, chose Q.I. Press Controls because of its excellent reputation. The ZiGong Daily order for the installation of the mRC-3D on a Goss press is the first of its kind from a printing company in the province of SiChuan.

Mr Liu, General Manager of the company, tells us that for too long a time no maintenance was carried out on the press: “In the last ten years we failed to invest adequately in the quality and the efficiency of our printing operations. The time was ripe to look for an effective register system which would provide savings in terms of time, manpower and printing materials.” Because of the well-established name and tried and tested reliability of its register systems, Mr Liu decided to invite Q.I. Press Controls for an inspection. “We were happy with the contact we had with their sales team. They offered us an effective solution with a good price-quality ratio,” explains Mr Liu. It was for this reason that ZiGong Daily decided to invest in the mRC-3D.

The mRC-3D for colour register will be installed on a Goss Magnum 40 newspaper printing press. Paul Yu, Managing Director of QIPC – EAE China, reports that its installation will bring about savings in materials for the company and lead to a more stable product. Mr Liu agrees: “The mRC-3D solves our register problems.” He also tells us that ZiGong Daily is receptive to the idea of more collaboration with Q.I. Press Controls in the future. When the register system is up and running, Mr Liu wants to mull over a possible colour control product for ZiGong Daily’s printing plant. Paul Yu is extremely pleased with the order: “The order from ZiGong Daily shows that, more and more, China is placing its confidence in Q.I. Press Controls’ systems. Regional printing companies are likewise demonstrating this confidence in our products and reaping their rewards. ZiGong Daily allows us to put yet another satisfied customer on our rapidly growing list of references.”

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The Goss Magnum 40 at ZiGong Daily

Mr Liu "They offered us an effective solution with a good price-quality ratio”

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